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How Does Centilytics Help You in Securing and Maintaining a Healthy Cloud Infrastructure?

Security is one of the dominant factors that still creates doubts regarding adoption of cloud services among users. No matter what position you hold in an organization, infrastructure security can never be ignored. Adopting cloud services then adds another layer of security concerns on top of the preexisting challenges. New technologies always present unique and unprecedented challenges, but cloud has been here for more than a decade. Regular research and developments have enhanced the security posture that cloud now offers.

Clearly, cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and GCP have put in ample efforts to secure the end user’s infrastructure. However, efforts solely at the end of cloud providers are not enough because “cloud security is a shared responsibility.” Meaning, even end-users are responsible for maintaining and implementing security protocols.

A majority of cloud users struggle to handle their cloud environment’s sprawling costs, so security naturally presents an even daunting task. This is where a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) comes into the picture.

Identify security loopholes

Cloud users badly need tools that provide enhanced visibility into the infrastructure, as visibility facilitates end-to-end monitoring. Often, there are scenarios wherein users do not correctly implement policies, which leads to loopholes in the infrastructure. In many cases, these vulnerabilities often go unnoticed for a long time. A qualified CMP provides constant security alerts to the users.

How does Centilytics help you?

Centilytics offers Security Audit to monitor the security posture of cloud infrastructure. It allows users to identify all security loopholes such as ports, IPs, unauthorized IDs, etc. Users can also set alerts for scenarios wherein a policy is not implemented.

One-click security audit can help users take a proactive toward security rather than being reactive. Centilytics facilitates an easy approach to actively mitigate security flaws in a user’s cloud infrastructure.

Maintain infrastructure health

Although the cloud has infinite resources to offer, an enterprise’s usage will always have limits. Enterprises often set soft and hard limits that are flexible and rigid, respectively. Exceeding the set limits for a particular resource can affect cloud operations. So, minute observation and adherence to limits are always recommended.

How can Centilytics help you?

Centilytics offers alerts on exceeding service limits. Users are alerted when the service limits are about to be exceeded, which helps them take a proactive decision. Centilytics’ platform offers a single dashboard to monitor all the service limit at one glance.

Be ready with a Disaster Recovery Plan

Despite all the fluidity assurances and fail-safe promises made by cloud service providers, the fact remains that cloud is nothing but a physical hardware setup that involves large data centers. Like all other physical locations, even the ones hosting cloud datacenters are exposed to natural calamities or technical errors. Hence, users must prepare a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in order to ensure the safety of an organization’s crucial data present on the cloud infrastructure.

How can Centilytics help you?

Centilytics recommends that users periodically create backups of their data. The backups are also important because unavoidable human errors often cause data loss. Periodic backups ensure that an enterprise’s data is safe even in precarious scenarios. It is also recommended that users take a distributed approach and keep copies of their data in different locations to ensure business continuity even when one physical location is compromised.

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