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Get The Most Out of Your Cloud Infrastructure by Leveraging Centilytics’ Products (Part 2)

In this article’s previous installment, we covered two of Centilytics’ products that help you get the most out of your cloud environment. In this second installment, we will go through the rest of the products offered by Centilytics. So far, we had covered Cloud Visibility and Cost Optimization. While cloud visibility brings a single-pane-of-glass view for your cloud resources, cost optimization allows you to right-size your resources and switching to on-demand reserved instances to save up to 30% on your cloud costs. Let’s proceed with the other products:

3) Security & Health

Cloud security is a shared responsibility between the cloud providers and users. Public cloud providers have specific security measures to ensure the safety of your cloud, but business-critical information cannot just be left to this assurance alone. Companies have to protect themselves from various forms of attacks, including ransomware, viruses, trojans, adware, rootkits, keyloggers, cryptojacking, spyware, adware, and worms.

Sometimes, the downtimes caused by these ransomware attacks cost 50 times more than the ransom itself. With Centilytics’ Security and Health, you can detect and prevent such factors with a proactive approach instead of a reactive one. Centilytics offers Security Audit with a comprehensive set of recommendations and security best practices to ensure your cloud’s safety.

With Performance Optimizer, the performance of your cloud is guaranteed to run at optimum levels. Fault Tolerance allows your cloud to never experience downtime by reducing the impact of faults using health checks and auto-scaling recommendations. Just to state a few numbers, Centilytics offers more than 1100 health checks, 1000 security checks, and 40 service limits.

4) Governance & Reporting

Cloud infrastructure is very complex, and its control is often decentralized. Centilytics’ Governance and Reporting allows you to centralize it. An intelligent CMP’s console should trigger appropriate alarms without human input and even create reports to tackle the same. Centilytics console works as your infrastructure’s watchdog, allowing users to set up security as well as budget reports. This process introduces efficiency to your cloud infrastructure without increasing cost expenditure.

Our console also offers integrations with multiple third-party services such as Slack, Teams, GSuite, and Office 365. With Report Management, users can reduce the tedious task of compiling data with a centralized report generation system fueled by a user-friendly interface providing superior services to its users with more than 500 predefined reports. These reports can also be personalized with custom filters and scheduled daily, weekly, monthly, or even customer intervals.

Users can reduce the amount of work done on keeping a regular check on their cloud with Centilytics’ Alert Management. They can also introduce a set of predefined rules against multiple insights and let Centilytics provide information via multiple channels regarding whether the rules are being followed. Finally, users can control burgeoning costs with Budgeting. They can set individual budgets for multiple services based on average, peak, or daily quotas and ensure the cost never crosses the predefined threshold.

5) Cloud Automation

One of the biggest challenges that companies face while migrating or maintaining a cloud infrastructure is the lack of a skilled workforce. A well-maintained cloud requires granular insights to ensure low costs and proper efficiency. Centilytics’ Cloud Automation provides users with automation modules to reduce the manual effort needed in the management of your cloud infrastructure. Companies’ workforce often does not scale proportionately with regard to their infrastructure. Cloud automation allows users to increase efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and allowing the teams to work on asset creation instead of wasting more than 30% of their time on tasks capable of being automated.

Centilytics’ Security Automation introduces rules to implement security measures as per various security compliances. Companies can use Backup & Disaster to take measures to ensure backups of their business-critical data in the event of an unforeseen and uncontrollable factor damaging the data centers hosting the data. Centilytics also provides the pay-as-you-go model to shut down non-business critical resources during non-working hours to save up to 20% on cloud bills via auto-scheduling.


The true potential of cloud services can be realized via proper cloud management, but management can often become difficult, especially if your cloud scales rapidly. In this scenario, having an intelligent Cloud Management Platform can be the difference maker between you riding the high ROI wave and playing catch-up to the problems presented by cloud mismanagement. Centilytics — an intelligent CMP — takes care of all your cloud management woes using the products we detailed above. Click here to start your completely free trial of Centilytics today.

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