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Here’s How Centilytics Improves Your Cloud Experience Via Cloud Visibility Solutions

You can seldom take care of an issue that you can’t see. These invisible issues are often the root cause of various cloud management issues. Although it is served as a virtual environment, cloud is supported by physical hardware setups in large data centers across the globe. So technically the hardware underpinning a particular cloud environment can be visualized. This power of visualization comes with visibility into the cloud infrastructure. There is no denying the fact that visibility directly enhances other aspects such as, governance, security, optimization, etc. for cloud users.

An intelligent cloud management platform, such as Centilytics, provides dedicated services to assist users in managing their cloud environment. Cloud visibility is the most important pillar of cloud management. Centilytics promises to provide full user control with granular visibility into the user’s cloud infrastructure.
In this article, we will discuss how users can gain complete visibility using Centilytics – an intelligent cloud management platform.

Hidden Costs

Costs are a constant concern for cloud users. The problem persists because of lack of best practices implementation. However, this is not the entire picture as lack of visibility also leads to cost sprawls. The vicious cycle of monthly cloud bills involves hidden charges. The hidden charges scale in accordance with your infrastructure and hence pinch the pocket harder. Users need a robust platform that monitors their entire infrastructure and offers insights regarding every penny spent.

How does Centilytics help you?

Centilytics helps users monitor their cloud infrastructure and offers insights about every dollar spent. The platform offers multi-cloud capabilities with an agnostic view and clubs costs insights in a single dashboard. It makes controlling costs very easy for users. Cloud visibility is necessary to make sense of the monitoring data. Using Centilytics, users can analyze their data via a set of filters to compare workloads, services, or historical trends and make better decisions.

Taking a deep dive to fully understand cost trends is always preferred. Centilytics offers hourly-level cost granularity to get full control over costs incurred by the cloud infrastructure.

Lack of information about resources

How often does it happen that the IT team has no answer regarding resources running in cloud? We’d say a lot. When there is a small pool of resources running in cloud, it is easy to deduce information but when it scales, things get out of hand. Managing a huge pool of cloud resources requires a large human workforce, and even then, minor errors cannot be weeded out. A large manual workforce can barely manage different types of cloud operations such as AI/ML, Data Analytics, Big Data, etc. So, there is dire need for a tool that fetches and visualizes information about every resource in the cloud.

How can Centilytics help you?

Centilytics’ Inventory offers visibility into your cloud resources. Using Centilytics’ solution, IT teams can visualize the relationships between different resources and understand the entire architecture. This information can help users take proactive actions when there are issues with a resource. Centilytics enables users to discover assets in real-time along with historical tracking. Users can analyze their infrastructure by comparing inventory over time.

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