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How MSPs can Overcome Their User Acquisition Challenges

Organizations’ constant need for cloud services has ensured the demand for capable Managed Service Providers (MSPs) never wanes. The ramifications of COVID-19 have ensured that most organizations are migrating to the cloud in huge numbers. However, migration to the cloud is easier said than done. The migration of entire infrastructures to the cloud demands a level of expertise that most organizations lack. MSPs ensure these organizations can migrate to the cloud with low effort while also providing them support in maintaining their infrastructure.

The rising demand for MSPs has also led to the market being populated, and now even the hyperscalers have started signing direct contracts with some major organizations. Hence, it has become challenging for MSPs to retain their customers and acquire new ones. In our previous article, we discussed the traits that define a successful MSP. In this article, we’ll discuss how MSPs can acquire new customers.

Effective Pricing Models

The most crucial aspect regarding customer acquisition for MSPs is effective pricing models. MSPs often lower their prices to acquire new customers in this competitive market, which results in lower revenue. The margins are already thin in the MSP business, and in this context, MSPs need to look at tapping effective pricing models such as the Pay-As-You-Go model over the traditional percentage pricing model. Further, they also need to focus on viable market research, consultations with industry experts, etc., before setting the prices for their services.

Introduce Automation for Improved Efficiency

Automation is the way of the future, and MSPs need to leverage automation to boost customer as well as their internal efficiency. Embracing automation not only reduces precious human effort it also ensures the processes are free of manual errors. Efficiency is the cornerstone of improved ROI, and automation boosts efficiency. Helping customers actually get the improved ROI promised by the cloud can only be possible if MSPs lean heavily on automation.

Adopt Creative, Flexible Approaches Toward Sales

A problem faced by organizations across the spectrum irrespective of their field is stagnant sales. MSPs need to come up with innovative ideas to better connect with potential and existing customers. Setting up processes to tap into sales intelligence based on their customer’s demand is one way how MSPs can boost their sales cycle. Another benefit of sales intelligence gathering is that MSPs can deliver exactly what their customers want rather than delivering something they think their customers want.

Have the Right Expertise

Delivering value on top of services has become crucial for any MSP aiming to thrive in the current climate. This value on top of services can be delivered only when the MSPs possess the expertise needed to create the value. This includes continuous training of the workforce, upskilling of existing staff, and staying up to date with technological advancements in the cloud sector. Proper expertise is pivotal to MSPs providing optimum solutions, new services for customers based on their demand, and customized offerings for clients.

Different Business Plan

As a successful MSP with relevant experience, you need to constantly innovate while bringing out new offerings to ensure your customers always have an extensive catalog to choose from. The abundance of choice not only increases upselling opportunities, it also means you can target a larger audience. With abundant offerings, having the right know-how to enter a market is also crucial.


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