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Here is why Cloud Visibility is the next big thing for MSPs

With the ubiquity of cloud services, proper management of one’s infrastructure has become the need of the hour. And the stepping stone for stellar cloud management is none other than proper visibility into one’s infrastructure. Although hyperscalers and OEMs do provide their own tools for visibility, they often prove inadequate when the varied needs of users are considered, especially in multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environments.

This is where MSPs are faced with a difficult challenge – delivering the right amount of visibility while ensuring the needs of their diverse userbase are met.

What is Cloud Visibility?

Cloud Visibility is nothing more than offering total insights to users to ensure they are always informed of what goes on in their cloud. This helps users avoid overspending, mitigate performance inefficiencies, and remediate security breaches.

Multi-cloud infrastructures are quite complex by nature and keeping track of resources is a difficult task. Proper visibility into cloud resources ensures the infrastructure always remains optimized. Managed Service Providers, with Centilytics by their side, can distinguish themselves from the competition by offering complete visibility and actionable insights to their users.

How Does Visibility Help MSPs?

At the outset, Visibility into assets and costs might seem like a simple deal. However, these are the fundamental blocks of cloud management, and a lack of visibility can often lead to the following problems:

  • Decentralized Control:  Multi-cloud infrastructure is flexible, and users enjoy the right to scale as per their needs. However, this decentralized control also means lack of accountability and no central methodology to assign costs to inter-organizational divisions using the cloud. This leaves IT as the sole accountable business unit for cloud costs, leading to overspending or compromising on their actual needs.
  • Multi Cloud Tracking: Organizations are rapidly moving to multi-cloud to harness the various benefits of the model. However, this very flexibility makes tracking resources across multiple clouds, accounts, regions, workloads, etc. a nightmare.
  • Complex Resource Topology:  Keeping track of various correlated resources attached to the primary resource is near impossible for organizations. This leads to performance as well as cost-related issues.
  • Complex Cloud Pricing:  Due to the lack of visibility, the monitoring of your cloud infrastructure can be a little challenging as tracking OEMs’ hidden costs and your dynamic consumptions is difficult.
  • Budget Spillovers:  Dynamic cloud usage often leads to organizations exceeding pre-defined cloud budgets, causing either overspending or actual needs being sacrificed in favor of sticking to budgets.

How Centilytics helps

We at Centilytics help MSPs deliver Visibility at 2 levels — Cost Visibility and Asset Visibility – to ensure users are always at top of their cloud game. Let’s understand at how Cost Visibility and Asset Visibility help MSPs deliver value to their users. Let’s understand a few features offered by Centilytics’ Visibility:

  • BI Dashboard:  Our console offers a business intelligence dashboard with multiple pivot points to slice and dice data as per various dimensions and understand your cloud usage.
  • One Cloud:  A one-stop information center as all the details of your resources and attached costs across multiple clouds, regions, accounts are present in a single dashboard.
  • Real Time Inventory:  Easily track any change in resources or their configuration details as all the relevant information is tracked and displayed in real-time.
  • Reports:  Automated reports of your cloud inventory on the communication channel and frequency you choose.


The MSP business is no easy nut to crack. However, delivering value on top of services is the definite gamechanger for MSPs. Centilytics enables its partner MSPs go that extra mile when it comes to delivering value to end-users and Asset Visibility and Cost Visibility are just two examples of this enablement.

Click here to learn more about our Partner Program and how you can use Visibility to go that extra mile for your customers.

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