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MSPs Need To Explore White-Labeling for Higher Margins, Customer Satisfaction

Service Providers, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), third-party tools, and end-users – the four more or less sum up the entire cloud industry landscape. One can fit in the nitty-gritties under these four crucial cogs of cloud computing industry. Service Providers such as AWS, Azure, or GCP, constantly evolve their platform to offer cutting edge solutions to end-users. End-users are either dependent directly on service providers or indirectly on MSPs to fulfill their requirements. So, MSPs become a crucial link between service providers, third-party tools, and end-users.

One of the major concerns regarding the adoption of cloud services is management of these services. From minor issues to major issues causing loss of business, cloud management comes is a very challenging task. However, despite the complex nature of cloud management, cloud adoption is at an all-time high because the benefits outweigh the challenges. As far as challenges are concerned, a few wise decisions can equip one to tackle these challenges quite easily.

MSPs are increasingly making such wise decisions, and are actively adopting specialized cloud management solutions. MSPs hunt for these solutions with two approaches – either they try to develop an in-house solution or adopt a third-party solution that fulfills their customer’s requirements. Centilytics – an intelligent cloud management platform – offers a complete white-labeling solution for MSPs serving a large pool of customers.

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Why is white-labeling necessary for MSPs?

MSPs thrive on a rich product portfolio that represents their industry expertise. White-labeling serves two purposes with ease.

Customizing a tool to serve it to customers as their own platform is becoming a go-to strategy for most of the MSPs. No doubt, it saves time and creates new revenue streams. On top of this, a brand-new service portfolio surely gives a competitive edge to players. Customers often go for MSPs that have vast expertise and can offer uninterrupted services 24X7x365.

Customizing Centilytics as per your needs

Centilytics’ platform comes with on-demand customization capabilities, so that MSPs can fulfill all the demands of their customers. Further, MSPs can go for white-labeling to fully stamp their mark on the highly intelligent platform. These are some of the highlights white-labeling offers to MSPs:

1. Centilytics’ platform is currently hosted on “iris.centilytics.com” but MSPs can host the platform on a custom domain owned by them and authorized just for their customers.

2. MSPs can also make changes in the UI/UX, such as changing colors across the platform.

3. Regularly integrate new third-party tools as per customer requirements.

4. Edit internal widgets (features) of the platform as per need.

Gain total control – this is what Centilytics promises while offering white-labeling services to MSPs. Right from initial customization to final adoption, our expert teams align with MSPs to simplify the entire process.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are an MSP and want to monetize every cloud opportunity or your customers are still facing cloud management issues, then Centilytics is the perfect solution for you.

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