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An Outcome-Driven Cloud Program with Bespoke Solutions for Traditional Enterprises

The “Cloud Age” has arrived, as businesses from all sectors are rapidly moving to the cloud. However, there are still some traditional businesses that have yet to make the cloud leap. Even the ones that plan to or have already adopted cloud face challenges because cloud is still new for them and presents challenges that adopting any new tech does.
Cloud is a journey, not a destination. As cliched as the statement sounds, it still holds true for every cloud user out there. This journey becomes extremely complicated when organizations do not possess the right set of expertise or tools when it comes to the cloud.

Challenges Faced by Traditional Enterprises

Moving from the on-prem world to cloud might seem very easy on paper and in business proposals, but the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth. This migration demands a huge change and rapid adoption on the part of these enterprises and presents the following challenges:

1. Migration: The promise of cloud seems very alluring at the start, and enterprises quickly jump on the bandwagon only to find out they are unable to drive the promised ROI. Lack of best practices and inaccurate capacity planning during migration leads to organizations overspending on cloud. The high initial cost paired with reduced ROI in the long run leaves them feeling duped when it comes to the cloud advantage.

2. In-House Expertise: A large part of the problems faced during migration and subsequent stages comes down to the lack of cloud expertise in the traditional organizations. A dedicated team of cloud experts can not only be all the difference when it comes to moving to the cloud, it also ensures the organization follows best practices in the long run.

3. To Buy or To Build: Developing a dedicated in-house cloud expert team is something even cloud native businesses find very challenging to do. So, it borders on criminality when one expects that of an organization whose expertise lies in other areas.

Overcoming Challenges with Cloud Delivery Program

Keeping in mind the challenges we just discussed, taking an outcome-oriented approach when it comes to cloud services is what’s best-suited for traditional businesses. This is where Centilytics’ Cloud Delivery Program comes in as the top choice for traditional enterprises. This program is especially designed by keeping traditional organizations in mind as it helps them migrate to the cloud, maintain their infrastructure, and keeps them updated with the latest technology trends. Let’s understand how.

Why Cloud Delivery Program?

Our CDP (Cloud Delivery Program) has been designed to overcome the wide range of challenges faced by traditional enterprises and ensure they always realize desired ROI from their cloud. It also develops a functional relationship to ensure the delivery of end-to-end cloud management services as per industry best practices and global standards through:

We deliver reliable and efficient development via Infrastructure as Code. Our seamless CI/CD pipelines make pushing workloads even more reliable for your teams. Our strict adherence to best practices ensures you have a scalable and cost-effective infrastructure.

Centilytics proactively ensures your cloud infrastructure is in top-notch shape. Our Site Reliability Engineering consists of cost-saving measures, 360° security, automation solutions,
and constant reporting.

Our partnership with leading OEMs provides you with discounted support models as per your needs. Further, we also help you leverage various benefits such as GTMs and enablement programs offered by the leading OEMs.

Incident Management
Centilytics delivers 24x7x365 ITIL framework-based support to ensure you never have to worry about any unprecedented issues in your cloud infrastructure. In case of any misadventures, we set up a dedicated war room and commit to proportional response times as per the severity level.


Centilytics combines a unique blend of proactive cloud management, OEM support, 24×7 Incident Management, and agile DevOps to deliver the best IP and services for your infrastructure. Pair this with our top-notch support and complete data security with your data residing in the region of your choice, you just can’t go wrong with our Cloud Delivery Program. Click here to learn more about how you can start your outcome-driven cloud journey today.

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