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Enabling Intelligent Cloud Management for a Smooth and Rewarding Cloud Journey

The Promise of Cloud

With the rapid advancement of technologies, the way of operating businesses has also changed. Cloud enabled many organizations to maximize their profit while completely altering the way businesses deploy and deliver applications. Early-stage businesses often reduce their IT expenses by choosing the cloud services best suited for their needs.

Stormy Weather on Cloud Journey

However, merely choosing the right set of services is not enough as cloud is a journey, not a destination. Along this journey, complexities soon start piling up and businesses find it challenging to get the desired ROI from their cloud.

Finding the right expertise and solution stack to better manage their cloud is the obvious answer to this challenge, but it is easier said than done. While the market is chock full of solution providers when it comes to cloud management, not all the providers are able to strike the right balance between products and services when it comes to cloud management.

The unavoidable constraints of an early-stage business, their unique needs, and their constant hunger for innovative solutions cannot simply be fulfilled by a solution handover or a service agreement. Early-stage businesses need reliable cloud management partners who can enable them to develop in-house expertise for a smooth cloud journey.

Silver Lining in the Cloud

Being a bootstrapped startup, we at Centilytics have personally tackled the challenges faced by early-stage businesses. Hence, we have carefully crafted our Cloud Enablement Program [CEP] that combines the best of both worlds – tooling and consulting – to deliver a comprehensive solution to businesses.

Centilytics’ CEP- A multi-faceted approach

While you put your best foot forward at the start of your cloud journey, the lack of cloud expertise leads to best practices being lost somewhere along the way. Centilytics’ Cloud Enablement Program (CEP) enables you to develop the best practices to derive maximum ROI from your cloud infrastructure. Whether it’s having the right stack of services, proactive maintenance, or 360° management of your cloud infrastructure, our multi-faceted approach helps you establish a dependable and scalable in-house cloud practice.

Why choose Centilytics’ CEP?

Centilytics provides a uniquely rare combination of IP and Enablement with the help of our Cloud Enablement Program. Our award-winning intelligent product stack combined with enablement solutions as per global standards helps you develop and scale a successful in-house cloud practice.
Here’s how our CEP helps you out:

1- Cloud Management Platform- Only with an efficient cloud management, one could truly benefit from cloud services. Hence, our intelligent Cloud Management products ensure all your needs are fulfilled from a single platform. Our products range from Optimization, Security, Allocation, to Visibility to ensure that no matter what kind of tooling you require, how much cloud cost you wish to save, what type of security needs your infrastructure requires, we’ve got you covered.
2- OEMs- It takes the right partnership to leverage the true potential of cloud services. Thus, our partnership with leading OEMs can be beneficial for you as well, as it provides you with discounted support models based on your needs. Furthermore, we also assist you in taking advantages of various benefits such as GTMs and enablement programs offered by the leading OEMs.
3- Cloud Practice- Preventing a mishap is always better than corrective measures. Our Cloud Practice helps you adopt a proactive stance towards cloud management. We also help you drive efficiency and agility as you leverage Infrastructure as Code. As for the rare gaps, we help you develop ITIL framework-based support to resolve any unexpected misadventures.


Cloud’s promise of limitless scalability and cost-efficiency can only be realized with effective cloud management. Since cloud is a journey and not a destination, developing in-house cloud expertise is the key to getting the most out of your cloud. Come join us on the journey to intelligent cloud management and desired ROI from cloud. Click here to get started with CEP today!

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