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Why Azure Cost Management should be the First Priority

The need for cloud services is increasing at an astounding rate. The conventional ways of purchasing cloud resources are bound to change, especially when it comes to Microsoft Azure. The ever-increasing data and the huge number of running workloads in Azure infrastructure have also culminated the need for Azure Cost Management.

We have all heard the stories about enterprises running amok with their cloud bills. The most common mistake being; launched cloud resources left running and forgotten about until the bill comes due.
As the size of the cloud belonging to a particular organization increases, it gets even more cumbersome to manage the cloud spend. Share on X
Keeping a check on cloud spend and usage has become crucial for cloud architectures. It because of the fact that a cost is to be paid for the resources used by an enterprise. Excessive usage may yield an unexpected hike in the billing.

Factual data pertaining to past usage could prove as a helping hand in Azure Spend Management. Analyzing the past usage and billing helps to unfold the trends which could be further used to predict future costs.

Centilytics – a cloud management and governance platform

Centilytics could prove to be a boon when it comes to managing and optimizing your cloud efficiently. It provides a microscopic level insight into your Azure Billing Analytics saving you from unpleasant surprises in your tangled bills. The detailed visibility into cloud usage and cost eases Azure Cost Management manifold and allows Azure Cost Optimization.

The hourly details provided by Centilytics act as a deep dive into the cost and usage of the cloud. And the icing on the cake is the advanced filters wherein the user can gain detailed insights. Insights related to their desired account Ids, resource tags, services and more, from any to any desired date range. Leveraging this platform for your cloud management is a cake-walk. Since there is absolutely zero abstraction when it comes to using it.

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