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Centilytics inscribes a milestone as a StartX Company

It was 2011 when this Stanford graduate, Cameron Teitelman founded an educational nonprofit accelerator called “StartX” with an altruistic twist out of his “nurture-over-nature”.

StartX was born out of an experimental project of Teitelman’s that soon became an elite Silicon Valley accelerator providing promising student and alumni entrepreneurs of Stanford with all the resources and support they need to succeed in their ventures and build the next big thing.

Centilytics, with the same zeal and idea of building “the next big thing” painted the big picture of enabling its customers with a complete cloud management platform and made it to this highly acclaimed StartX program wherein Centilytics became one of the finalists in the 2016 edition of the program.

The seed idea of cloud cost management helped the company grow and finally hail down the milestone of being enrolled as a StartX company. Centilytics entered the program and ventured through multiple stages; from its initial validation till the very entitlement as a StartX company in the Winter 2018.

With the prime objective is to address and deliver an effective solution the growing complexities of managing cloud and its expenses, Centilytics stepped up into the game and showcased that it is worth the time, effort, and, resources StartX could invest in.

Investing in Knowledge to get the best Interest:

Of many accelerator programs now up and running in the U.S., very few have managed to survive and represent year-over-year growth. StartX being one of them understands the fact that it is no small responsibility to work as a non-profit financial arm of the student startups.

Unlike other accelerators in Silicon Valley, StartX takes no equity in the enterprises it helps start.

In addition to removing the informational, network, and infrastructural resource roadblocks to success, intangible aspects crucial for an enterprise to get moonshots, are something the incubator equally focuses on.

So when it comes to the elevator pitch, StartX leaves no scope to give it a successful thrust.

Photo Credits: Centilytics

This snapshot of StartX office makes it quite evident that the incubator puts their knowledge, imagination, and effort in the right direction altogether.

Hear it from ”The StartX”

Crafting the perfect elevator pitch where a founder can grab one’s attention in not more than 10-20 seconds, is a worthwhile investment.

StartX alumni embody Stanford’s finest entrepreneurs in almost every trending industry, from biotech, medical, cleantech, hardware, and nonprofit, to consumer internet and enterprise software.

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