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Top 10 Centilytics Blogs To Help MSPs Start 2021 On the Right Note

With its far-reaching consequences, the ongoing global pandemic has emerged as one of the worst disruptors in recent times. Given the circumstances, a majority of companies shifted to remote working to ensure social distancing. Other than the proliferation of cloud services, the rapid increase in work-from-home scenario, brought even greater challenges for Managed Services Providers (MSPs).

MSPs rose up to the challenge and delivered solutions to their customers despite mounting challenges. So, as the MSPs start 2021, what shall they reflect on from 2020? What lessons are to be drawn from the future? Therefore, we have compiled a list of articles that MSPs need to go through while continuing their cloud journey in 2021.

How Does Centilytics Help MSPs Clear Azure Expert MSP Audit?

Microsoft offers Azure Expert MSP program as a part of its partner network to identify qualified MSPs as “highly evolved” managed services partners. Only MSPs with Gold Cloud Platform competency are eligible for the Expert MSP program. The Azure Expert MSP badge increases the MSP’s credibility among the prospective customers and provides priority in Microsoft’s referral engine. This article discusses how Centilytics helps MSPs clear the complex Azure Expert MSP Audit.

Cloud Services Projected To Grow Amid COVID, Why Do MSPs Need To Focus on Trends?

The global pandemic dealt a significant blow to all walks of life, upending several businesses. Managed Service Providers helped businesses continue operations while helping businesses keep costs in check. This article discusses the growth trends of cloud services and calls on MSPs to divert their attention toward the trends to provide superior services to their customers.

MSPs Recommend Multi-Cloud and Here’s Why You Should Listen To Them

After a long time of being recommended by experts, organizations have started to understand the benefits of multi-cloud deployment. It falls on MSPs to ensure a smooth transition to multi-cloud infrastructure and allow organizations to take full benefit of their cloud. An MSP’s role is not just limited to managing the cloud infrastructure, but it extends to ensuring that the customer gets tech advancements as soon as services evolve. The article highlights an entire array of benefits and challenges faced in a multi-cloud infrastructure and how MSPs can help customers tackle them.

Navigating the VUCA World — A Few Pointers for MSPs

The challenges presented by COVID-19 have made VUCA — Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity — world a reality. It has forced enterprises to look for novel solutions requiring digital support. While digital transformation had been in talks for a long time, the present scenario worked as a catalyst. This article explores how MSPs need to move from conventional paradigms of tangible services to delivering value to customers in the VUCA world.

Ransomware Biggest Security Threat for MSPs During COVID-19: Cybersecurity Report

With the rapid adoption of cloud services by organizations to handle workloads, security concerns have also gone up. US-based cybersecurity firm Datto recently published a report highlighting the increasing number of ransomware attacks on Small and Medium Businesses. The report states that the downtimes from these ransomware attacks cost 50 times more than the ransoms themselves. This article explores how MSPs need to implement environment-wide security to protect their clients.

Key Takeaways To Help MSPs Flourish Amid a Global Pandemic

With its far-reaching consequences, the pandemic has turned the world upside down, forcing MSPs and their clients to adopt new working practices. Despite the challenging circumstances, MSPs saw revenues increasing due to the rising demand for cloud services. Despite their pivotal role in helping organizations maintain their workloads and continue their businesses, MSPs also need to keep some factors in mind to flourish. This article discusses what MSPs need to focus on in order to continue delivering value to their customers.

How can White-labelling create new cloud opportunities for MSPs?

Cloud service providers such as AWS, GCP, or Azure regularly update their platform with cutting edge solutions. Managing these constantly changing services can prove to be a nightmare for customers. This is where MSPs can step in and offer competent cloud management solutions to their customers, all without the need to develop cloud management tools. This article discusses how MSPs can easily go for white-labelling to provide customized solutions to their customers.

Major Challenges for Cloud MSPs, and How To Overcome Them

The most significant responsibilities of MSPs are to ensure the availability and maintenance of resources for their customers. MSPs’ core tasks are generally defined to a granular level in the contractual Service Level Agreement with the customer. A plethora of cloud dynamics such as, add-on services, pricing, compliance, cloud management, and OEM audits make their jobs even more complicated. This article discusses how MSPs need to focus on delivering value to their customers with the right cloud solution partner.

Why is Cloud Visibility a Cornerstone For Achieving Maximum From Your Cloud?

With cloud services emerging as the first choice for organizations to continue their business operations amid the pandemic, early adopters have already achieved a high degree of cloud maturity. Cloud visibility ensures monitoring, application performance, identifying security indicators, and correcting performance degradation. This article highlights how MSPs need to have granular insight into the cloud infrastructure to deliver the very best of services to customers.

Why Should MSPs Choose Pay-As-You-Go Over the Percentage Pricing Model

Margins are shrinking for MSPs, and COVID-19 brought in a whole lot of other challenges along with it. In these times, what should the MSPs do in order to ensure they maintain good customer relations, deliver value to customers, and boost their margins? Is challenging the traditional percentage pricing model the right answer? This article explores how MSPs stand to benefit from the PAYG model.


In a bid to ensure a productive and profitable future, MSPs need to focus on delivering value to their customers. Along with a rich portfolio, MSPs need to ensure proper integration of services to provide a value-rich experience to cement their growth. These articles are sure to give MSPs a clear idea to improve their prospects as well as their customers’ cloud journey by guaranteeing higher ROI and superior cloud experience.

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