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Top Three Considerations for Enterprises To Make Most of Cloud Services Amid COVID-19

The ongoing global pandemic has presented varied challenges for industries all over the world. Amid these trying times, cloud services have helped enterprises navigate the course. Cloud services have enabled enterprises to not only continue operations but also ensure that the workforce remains productive from remote locations.

While digitalization was already on the agenda of enterprises, the conditions induced by COVID-19 vastly accelerated the plans. The extent of migration toward cloud services can be judged by a report presented by Markets and Markets, which states that the cloud market will grow from $233 billion in 2019 to $295 billion in 2021, with a CAGR of 12.5%.

This growth for cloud services becomes even more remarkable when one reads the aforementioned stats with Gartner’s predictions that global IT spending in 2020 will reach just $3.6 trillion, down 5.4% from 2019’s $3.8 trillion. This clearly states that despite shrinking IT budgets, enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud solutions in order to tide through COVID-19. These uncertain times have also forced enterprises to adopt cloud-based services under the ‘as-a-Service’ model.

However, enterprises must also be wary while they recruit cloud services by the bucketload. Whether it is first-time cloud adopters, or old-time cloud experts ramping up their usage, certain considerations are in order for enterprises, and this is what we will discuss here. Amid the upsurge witnessed in the adoption of cloud services, taking stock of the following three pointers will help enterprises devise their cloud strategy in a better manner.

Cloud Visibility

Ensuring visibility into infrastructure should be of paramount importance for enterprises. As the organizations scale up their cloud usage, even a simple cloud environment can quickly become complex, and hence, maintaining visibility becomes essential. Proper visibility into cloud infrastructure can not only help enterprises identify hidden costs in their cloud infrastructure, but it also ensures that the resources present in the cloud are utilized efficiently.

Cloud Optimization

With the expedited migration to cloud infrastructure now done, the enterprises need to halt for a bit and consolidate their cloud moves. This consolidation involves taking a long and hard look at their cloud infrastructure and ensure its optimization. Even the enterprises with simple cloud usage quickly find themselves amid a complex cloud infrastructure, and this is where optimization gains importance. Proper optimization of a cloud infrastructure brings huge savings on cloud bills for enterprises and ensures that there are no wasted or underutilized resources in their cloud environment.

Cloud Security

Another important aspect that enterprises need to focus on in the aftermath of expedited cloud migration is cloud security. It cannot be emphasized strongly enough that proper security is the bedrock of a productive cloud environment. The dynamic cloud infrastructure can often come under the fire of security hazards from multiple points, hence, ensuring proper upkeep of security measures is vital for enterprises. At the end of the day, security is a shared responsibility, and the users must meet the cloud providers at least midway on the path of security.


Having addressed the three major considerations for enterprises to ensure maximum ROI from cloud services amid this global pandemic, the next question is how exactly do the enterprises address these considerations? Meaning, how can enterprises ensure that they address visibility, optimization, and security challenges in a reliable and effective manner?

The answer lies in striking the perfect partnerships as these are the three critical challenges that enterprises can seldom tackle on their own. This is where Centilytics — the ideal Cloud Management Platform — steps in as a valuable partner for enterprises. Centilytics’ Cloud Optimization, Cloud Visibility, and Cloud Security solutions bring one-click optimization, visibility, and security solutions to bring you maximum ROI from your cloud environment. Click here to start your free 3-month trial now!

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