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Centilytics Resolves Cloud Cost Problems for Leading New-Age Media Publication

The Wire

The Wire is one of India’s leading new-age media institutions. Founded in 2015 by Siddharth Varadarajan, Sidharth Bhatia, and MK Venu, the publication promises to be firmly committed to the public interest and democratic values. In 2016, the famed Columbia Journalism Review identified The Wire as an independent and recently-founded internet-based media platforms. The publication has reporters all over the country who have won some of the most prestigious journalism awards in India. Other than English, The Wire has recently branched out into Hindi, Urdu, and Marathi, and aims to use new media technologies to change the way stories are told.

The Wire Faces AWS Troubles

The Wire uses AWS for their infrastructure needs and as their usage scaled over time, they were faced with the issue of ballooning costs in their AWS environment. Hence, the publication was looking for an effective solution for its cloud cost optimization needs. Along with a stellar cloud cost optimization solution, the publication also wanted to ensure that the entire optimization process would have no impact on their productivity.

While sprawling cloud expenditures and cost leaks were the primary concern for the publication house, the folks at The Wire were also unable to navigate the complex catalogue of AWS. The inability to comprehend complexity of AWS offerings is a common problem faced by organizations, and The Wire had the same problems.

At the core of the two issues mentioned before was the fact that The Wire naturally had no cloud expertise, as they are a media publisher. This lack of cloud expertise led to decentralized control of their cloud environment, which in turn caused overall mismanagement of cloud infrastructure. Resultantly, there was a lot of resource wastage in The Wire’s cloud environment.

Centilytics Resolves Cloud Cost Problems

The first step for team Centilytics was conducting a thorough study of The Wire’s cloud architecture as well as resource usage and utilization. Based on this study the team went ahead to create custom reports for areas of improvement in the AWS architecture. Getting into problem resolution, team Centilytics’ next step was implementing the wastage tracker as Centilytics’ solution identified multiple orphaned resources such as volumes and snapshots in The Wire’s AWS infrastructure.

This solution by Centilytics made sure that The Wire’s cloud infrastructure as now far more efficient and the publication could save big on its cloud costs. The next step was implementing rightsizing for EC2 and RDS resources in The Wire’s AWS infrastructure. After the rightsizing, the new solution was tested for every scenario over two weeks so as to future-proof the solution for The Wire.

Once The Wire deemed Centilytics’ resource rightsizing solutions to be perfect, Team Centilytics provided customized Reserved Instances recommendations for EC2 and RDS resources for optimal savings. Team Centilytics was in constant communication with The Wire throughout the entire process and delivered the entire solution within 45 days.

Centilytics’ Solutions — In Numbers

  • Nearly 80% cost savings on AWS Compute Instances 
  • 25% savings on AWS EC2 costs 
  • Around 30% savings on AWS RDS expenses 
  • 21% savings on AWS Database Instances costs 
  • Around 15% cost savings on total cloud infrastructure expenses


Team Centilytics’ solutions ensured complete cost optimization for The Wire’s AWS infrastructure. With Centilytics as a partner, The Wire now has qualified cloud expertise for its infrastructure management. Other than huge savings over cloud expenditure, Centilytics also ensured that the entire optimization process did not impact The Wire’s business processes in any manner.

Speaking about the solution delivered by Centilytics, Mithun Kidambi, CTO at The Wire, said, “Centilytics recently helped us optimize the entire cloud infrastructure and brings costs down by 1/3 of our expenses. It filled up the crucial gap of a DevOps manager in our organization. The team at Centilytics provides periodic solutions and recommendations on how we can save costs and scale-up. These services have made Centilytics a valuable partner in our day-to-day operations.”

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