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Top 10 Centilytics Blogs of 2020 To Read Before You Start Your 2021 Cloud Journey

2020, the year full of unprecedented challenges has come to an end, and it is we started working toward making the upcoming year count. While other industries had a tough time, cloud services witnessed growth during the year. The reason for the growth witnessed by cloud has largely been the role of enabler it played for other businesses.

While most businesses were struggling to keep their doors open, cloud came to the rescue with services to allow remote working to safeguard the employees’ health and provide scalability according to fluctuating demands. So, what does 2021 have in store for cloud tech? Like all other situations, one must first look at the past to gear up for the future. Hence, we have compiled the Top 10 blogs of 2020 on Centilytics that you must read before you start your 2021 cloud journey.

Debunking Top Common Myths About Cloud

Even after the rapid rise in cloud adoption, a myriad of myths still surrounds those mulling migrating to the cloud. There is no denying the fact that cloud allows organizations to catapult to the front of the race. This article debunks the myths to provide users with a clear picture of cloud services in the present market. Even though migration to the cloud is no small feat, proper planning paves the way for organizations hoping to achieve the same.

Cloud Services in Healthcare Sector Amid COVID-19 — A Glance

With the unprecedented challenges presented by COVID-19, it became imperative for industries to adopt the cloud. However, it was the most challenging for the healthcare sector due to security and other concerns, as the patients’ sensitive information is of utmost importance. The rapid enhancements made by cloud services in the security sector acted as a catalyst for the healthcare sector to adopt the cloud. This article discusses how cloud’s scalability and mobility allowed the healthcare sector to save resources and redirect them to patient care.

Why Enterprises Are Moving Towards Hybrid Cloud?

The importance of the hybrid cloud hit the spotlight in 2020 when most organizations had to move their workloads from on-premise servers to the cloud. The greater scalability and flexibility offered by hybrid cloud eradicated the challenge of selecting a cloud according to the organization’s needs. However, managing a hybrid cloud is an intricate process posing challenges due to various management consoles, network capabilities, and much more. This article explores the reasons why enterprises are finding hybrid cloud as the perfect fit for them.

Quantum-as-a-Service — Everything You Need To Know About Quantum Computing Via Cloud

Theoretically, faster than the fastest supercomputer, another technology rapidly rising among the ranks is quantum computing. With its capability to harness superpositions and quantum entanglement, quantum computing can solve any complex problem in mere seconds, completely eradicating the need for brute-force hit and trial methods. However, the current lack of applications capable of harnessing quantum computing restricts its usage. This article explores how cloud is bringing quantum computing to the masses.

Cloud Services Lend Education Sector a Helping Hand Amid COVID-19

Before lending a hand to healthcare, cloud services came to the aid of the education sector. The pandemic suddenly made the long-proven operations of the education sector obsolete. The education sector’s progression to video conferencing, smartphones, tablets increased at a rapid pace. New opportunities for the education sector surfaced as cloud services provided means for broader adoption of virtual learning. This article talks about how the EdTech sector provided the solutions that challenged the prominence of conventional institutions.

Here’s How Centilytics Can Help You Secure Your Cloud Infrastructure

When it comes to business-critical workloads, security becomes of paramount importance for organizations. With the rapid rise of cloud services, security has become a significant challenge for MSPs and businesses. The article highlights the importance of an intelligent CMP to address cloud infrastructure’s security challenges and adopt security best practices to keep your infrastructure secure.

Why is a CMP Critical for a Multi-Cloud Deployment?

Migrating to or maintaining a cloud infrastructure is a complex process involving multiple stages of planning and execution. Multiple cloud service providers offer many solutions to their users at nominal prices, although these costs can quickly spiral out of control if not kept in check. CMPs allow organizations to focus on asset creation rather than regular maintenance of the cloud. This article also highlights various other reasons why organization need a CMP now more than ever.

Centilytics Resolves Cloud Cost Problems for Leading New-Age Media Publication

The Wire is one of India’s leading new-age media institutions. The Wire uses AWS for its cloud needs and scaled its usage accordingly. With this scaling, the institution also felt the need to optimize its cloud costs without compromising its productivity. Other than sprawling cloud expenditures, cost leaks was also a primary concern for the publication. This article discusses how Centilytics provided optimization and visibility solutions to resolve cloud problems for The Wire.

Addressing CapEx vs. OpEx Question in Light of Cloud Expenses Amid Current Turbulent Times

The current challenging times have highlighted the prominent question that whether organizations should opt for CapEx (Capital Expense) or OpEx (Operational Expense). With the increasing number of organizations migrating to cloud services, the question was bound to be whether the organizations should focus their expenses on fixed assets or on day to day operations. This article highlights the two financial models and pits them against each other to determine which model fits best for whom.


The aforementioned articles are sure to give you a clear picture of the technologies you need to focus upon. Due to the extreme fragility of the market, it is advised that one takes cautious steps and clarifies all doubts before diving head-on into the vast ocean of cloud services. At Centilytics, we are dedicated to ensuring superior ROI for our customers from their cloud deployments. Click here to learn more about the services that can help you navigate this complex web of cloud services.

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