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Optimization Your Way To Higher ROI From Cloud

Cloud services offer plenty of options to users. However, choosing the right options and using them in an optimum manner is one of the major challenges in getting the most out of cloud. The promise of cloud is quite enticing, but as the needs of an organization scale, best practices are left unattended, and costs slowly creep up.

Optimization — Why and How?
Granted, best practices are not easy to follow, and a lot of organizations lack the required cloud expertise. Regardless, some sort of management is essential to keep cloud costs from ballooning. This is where cost optimization comes into play, as it allows organizations to keep their cloud costs in check while ensuring their demands are met.

We have entered an era of high-speed delivery and continuous integration with DevOps, yet the post-delivery phase of the pipeline is often overlooked, despite its ever-growing complexity. In their haste to address the demands of consumers, enterprises often leave their cloud resources unattended, leading to underutilization or sometimes overutilization of their resources.

Organizations need to ensure that they maximize performance and minimize wastage of resources to have a smooth-running infrastructure. However, this is easier said than done. As we had stated earlier, not all organizations possess the required expertise or bandwidth to ensure optimization of their cloud resources.

This is where an intelligent cloud management platform such as Centilytics comes into play. Centilytics’ Cost Optimization brings industry-leading practices to help you save up to 70% on your cloud costs. Here’s how Centilytics helps you get the most from your cloud while helping you minimize your bills:

The first step is ensuring you are using only what you need. Centilytics helps you upgrade or downgrade your resources as per your CPU, Memory, Disk, Network Utilization, etc., needs. Our rightsizing also allows you to set average, peak, or a custom threshold so that you get the best cross-family recommendations for your cloud infrastructure.

Long Term Savings
Once your resources have been rightsized, the next step is evading the high on-demand pricing. Centilytics gives you cross-account reservation and savings plan recommendations on continuously running workloads, which ensures an average of 30% savings over the on-demand model. Our recommendations also consider normalization factors to ensure you can go for long-term savings plans by reserving your instances in advance.

Scheduling Recommendations:
Centilytics also analyzes your usage pattern to provide scheduling recommendations for each workload. With our recommendations, you can shut down non-production workloads and avoid recurring costs on idle instances.

Wastage Tracking:
Centilytics’ point-in-time wastage tracker helps you identify the underutilized and orphaned resources in your infrastructure while providing elimination recommendations that help you plug these cost leaks.

Optimizing your cloud infrastructure is the crucial first step toward ensuring you have a smooth cloud journey and your infra fetches you the desired ROI. With the right stack of tools and services, getting the desired ROI on your cloud is no humongous task.

Start your intelligent cloud management journey with Centilytics today. We provide dedicated solutions and services that go beyond cost optimization to ensure you never have to worry about managing your cloud again.

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