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Centilytics Kickstart for Startups — Outcome Oriented Cloud Management Solutions

Let’s start with a cliche, we live in the world of cloud services. Having addressed the cliche in the blog, we must also address the reasons as to why we have come to accept the cliche in its state. It is no news that even legacy enterprises are now rapidly adopting cloud services. As far as the startup sector is concerned, cloud is where things begin.

So, in this context, it becomes even important for startups to deftly manage their cloud. However, not all startups start out the same, some of them need but lack the required cloud expertise. In the initial phases of a startup journey, it is very important for a startup to maintain their lean and mean form. This leaves no room for startups to develop cloud expertise.

Beyond Cloud Expertise
Merely possessing or developing cloud expertise alone is not the solution for startup cloud woes. Leave alone the initial phase, a majority of startups do not have defined processes even in their growth phase. Centilytics understands that the fast-paced changes and the flurry of innovative solutions being rolled out by new-age startups leaves no room to create processes. After all, Centilytics is a startup!
Going beyond setting up of processes, startups also need trustworthy solutioning and consulting about their cloud service choices. Right decisions at the start of their cloud journey pays rich dividends as their cloud usage spikes. Then, dedicated support around these cloud services is another frequent requirement that startups need.

Kickstart for Startups!
Our Kickstart for Startups aims to help startups along their journey by nurturing their ideas, helping them set up processes, consulting and solutioning, and providing an intelligent cloud management platform. Our program helps startups bridge the gap of established processes, lack of expertise, and adequate support for a smooth cloud journey.

We understand that a qualified Cloud Management Platform is central to a smooth cloud journey, but Centilytics goes beyond a mere console exchange and creates a system that helps startups flourish in their early stages. Growth is perhaps the most important aspect for any startup, and our Kickstart for Startups focuses on helping members scale around 70% quicker than normal.

Who is Eligible?
You can be a part of Kickstart for Startups if you already are a part of AWS Activate, Microsoft for Startups , StartX.

Chart Your Own Path
Centilytics’ Kickstart for Startups helps you choose between end-to-end delivery of cloud solutions or building your own expertise with Cloud Delivery Program or Cloud Enablement Program respectively. Let’s understand what you get from these programs:

Cloud Enablement Program (CEP)
With CEP, Centilytics helps you create your own in-house cloud practice that follows best practices and global standards.

CEP helps you:

  • Create standard practices around cloud management with the help of Centilytics’ expertise.
  • Leverage our intelligent product stack for stellar infrastructure management.
  • Ensure in-house talent development as we enable your architects and engineers.
  • Get better leverage with OEMs with GTM activities such as Marketplace Listing, Co-Selling, and Advanced Specialization Consultation through our partnerships with AWS, Microsoft and GCP

Cloud Delivery Program (CDP)
CDP ensures you and Centilytics have a functional relationship so that you get end-to-end cloud management services as per industry best practices and global standards.

CDP brings:

  • Completely onboard the Centilytics SRE [Site Reliability Engineering] team to deliver tangible outcomes.
  • Set up and implement SRE post initial assessment and action on cloud infrastructure.
  • Collaboration with the DevOps team to drive efficiency and reliability.
  • Onboard the Centilytics Crisis Management Team to manage any mishaps.
  • Get better leverage with OEMs with GTM activities such as Marketplace Listing, Co-Selling, and Advanced Specialization Consultation through our partnerships with AWS, Microsoft and GCP

Not just the program, you also get to choose the duration of your engagement with us.

Get in touch with us here to know more about price, billing, and further details on Kickstart for Startups.

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