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Bolstering AWS Adoption With Increased ROI, Here’s How Centilytics is Doing It —

Almost every industry today has numerous use cases for Cloud computing as it offers instant and scalable services without the hassle of owning and maintaining hardware. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is at the vanguard of Cloud computing with an evolving portfolio of products and services that fulfill the dynamic needs of organizations. AWS’ offerings range from basic compute services to a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform. The product portfolio includes storage, databases, networking, data lakes and analytics, machine learning, IoT, security, and much more.

AWS strives to ensure long-term cloud adoption for its customers, and it is a good thing. The transition from on-premise to cloud may come with hassles, but enterprises still choose cloud as the benefits offered by it far outweigh the hassles. A long-term cloud journey involves selecting the right stack of services to support a particular use case and its effective management so that customers achieve proper ROI from cloud investments.

Right Selection of Resources and Effective Management

AWS needs no introduction, and its ever-increasing adoption justifies the same. As mentioned earlier, a smooth cloud journey involves two aspects — right selection and effective management.

The right stack of services help in quick adoption of the cloud environment. It is also essential for easy development, testing and deployment, and ensuring workforce optimization. Effective management refers to total control over the cloud infrastructure. This total control involves different aspects, such as cloud visibility, optimization, automation, security, and governance. The secret to effective cloud adoption lies in simplifying a user’s cloud journey, which can be achieved via a Cloud Management Platform (CMP). The cloud operates on a shared responsibility model and a CMP such as Centilytics helps users fulfill their responsibilities.

Total Control is the key to Cloud Adoption

The cloud management solutions offered by Centilytics help users effectively manage their AWS workloads, ensuring long-term cloud adoption. Centilytics equips users with the right stack of products and services to give them total control of their cloud infrastructure.

This is carried out by offering users complete visibility into their infrastructure so that every dollar spent is accurately monitored. Along with regular monitoring, the platform also provides recommendations to optimize every resource running in the cloud infrastructure. This optimization is achieved by provisioning your resources (VMs), ensuring DR, and automating back-ups and scheduling without switching between different consoles. Users can also access architecture topology to understand the relationship between different resources. The agile governance and power to enforce security policies take the ease and trust in using cloud to the next level. Hence, total control plays a key role in increasing AWS cloud services adoption as users don’t have to deal with minor hassles.

Regardless of what an organization’s cloud usage scenario is, ROI is always the main area of focus. Since AWS is the top choice in the market, it offers services for almost every use case. As the company grows, the cloud consumption also increases. In this scenario of increased Cloud usage, things may go awry if there is no effective management. The good news is that in the cloud’s co-existing ecosystem, CMPs help customers manage their AWS cloud services, leading to long-term adoption of AWS’ cloud services.

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