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Are you using the right technology stack to manage your cloud infrastructure?

Most cloud users, at some point or the other, have come across tangled infrastructure due to mismanagement. Often, users lack the products and services to tackle their cloud management issues. Organizations with plenty of resources can set-up an in-house team of experts to manage their cloud, but even that won’t be able to do it efficiently. The reason is the infinite number of resources that a cloud environment can provision with just a single click, and this creates many issues when organizations scale up. So, how can it be resolved? No matter single or multi-cloud, in order to effectively manage cloud infrastructure, users need to be proactive while selecting the products and services that must be used.

A complete stack is a must for end-users

Let’s take a common scenario wherein an IT team prepares a strategy to meet business objectives and for technological advancements. Currently, a major chunk of IT requirements can be fulfilled via cloud computing. As we mentioned earlier, the problems arise when there is regular and scalable consumption of cloud services. A few years ago, IT teams must have faced the issues with finding the right tools, but now one can leverage a Cloud Management Platform (CMP).

Yes, the right tech stack for end-user to manage cloud infrastructure is a CMP. The right stack must justify the worthiness. So, users must assess a CMP properly before integrating one in their infrastructure. A CMP must provide complete visibility into the infrastructure, alerts about every security loophole, recommendations to optimize, centralized governance, and abilities to automate operations. If a CMP can do all of this, then it is truly the right stack for your organization.

As a customer, one can also outsource their requirements from a Managed Service Provider (MSP). Customers must ensure that their MSPs are leveraging a CMP or not.

Perfect channel partner for an MSP

Customers with less or no expertise often seek an MSP to meet their IT requirements. Traditional MSPs have evolved into cloud MSPs with abilities to provision cloud services too. In order to offer a perfect experience to customers, MSPs must offer a CMP solution.

For an MSP, the route to CMP can go either via in-house development or a channel partner that offers the same solution. The latter option involves lesser time and cost. So, for an MSP, the right stack sums up to be a perfect channel partner with CMP capabilities. MSPs must ensure that their channel partner offers a complete CMP, 24X7 support for their platform, seamless integrations, simplified pricing model, and regular updates as the industry evolves. The difficult part is finding a channel partner that suits the business needs and serves the required solutions to customers.

A CMP for all

Centilytics offers a complete stack of products and services for managing public cloud. Not just end-users but MSPs too can avail platform benefits via our dedicated partner programs. The platform helps customers achieve ROI from cloud. On the other hand, MSPs can also monetize every cloud opportunity by leveraging Centilytics’ diverse product and service portfolio.

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