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Why is a CMP Critical for a Multi-Cloud Deployment?

Organizations are rapidly adopting cloud services to leverage the scalable and low upfront cost benefits and are moving away from the archaic on-premise solutions. Cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and others offer a myriad of solutions for various use cases, and organizations have been benefitting from the same. However, the use-cases for these organizations vary as they have several businesses to run.

With the increasing variance of use-cases, companies are leaning toward a multi-cloud approach wherein a company uses more than one cloud provider. Other than varied use-cases, the multi-cloud strategy also offers significant advantages when it comes to data management and data recovery. Multi-cloud infrastructure benefits users by providing them with an optimized ROI, transparency, superior security, and autonomy.

Challenges Faced by Multi-Cloud Users

However, just like all other good things in life, a multi-cloud infrastructure also comes with trade-offs. While enterprises do get a wide variety of choices when it comes to multi-cloud adoption, these choices come with their own unique problems. These problems include varied choices offered by vendors, lack of unified cloud support, and lack of skills.

Assuming the companies figure out the services they need and address the confusion over choices part of a multi-cloud environment, they are still faced with the challenge of distributed support for issues and lack of staff skilled in all services. Even the offerings by cloud providers are dynamic in nature as providers aim to bring the best of technology to their users, and this results in the services being in a constant state of flux. These problems then bring out the long-term pain-points for companies taking the multi-cloud approach.

Companies are faced with an increasingly complex multi-cloud environment that is also expensive to run and maintain, leading to diminished ROI. This complex multi-cloud environment also does not offer the enterprise any visibility into their infrastructure, which in turn again inflates the cloud bills. Other than cost-related issues, enterprises also have to tackle compliance challenges when they avail cloud services from multiple vendors. The final challenge is maintaining a robust and uniform security standard across the cloud infrastructure, which proves to be very cumbersome in a multi-cloud environment.

How CMPs Can Help 

Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs) aim to ease the life of users by simplifying their troubles and automating a majority of tasks related to environment upkeep. The usage of a CMP gains supreme prominence in multi-cloud environments as it provides the users with a user-friendly method to manage all the cloud services in one place. CMPs provide users with administration and self-service capabilities.

CMPs also help companies with cost management with their solutions focused on reducing cloud expenditures. An intelligent CMP such as Centilytics offers its highly advanced optimization capabilities that help companies bring down their cloud bills drastically. The expert solutions provided by Centilytics also ensure that the enterprise’s workforce no longer has to worry about cloud management, and it can direct their effort toward asset creation.

The visibility solutions offered by Centilytics also ensure that enterprises can see their entire multi-cloud infrastructure via a single dashboard. Thus, offering a single-pane-of-glass view of the entire cloud infrastructure. Centilytics also takes care of the compliance and security issues with over 1,100 health checks, 1,000 security checks, and 40 service limits.


While companies continue to expand capabilities by leveraging cloud services, they can still find themselves overwhelmed once their infrastructure scales. Choosing an intelligent CMP for their cloud management needs can make their cloud journey easier, smoother, and highly profitable. Centilytics’ user-friendly CMP aims to help companies explore multi-cloud options without having to worry about management woes. Click here to start your free trial now!

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