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Top 5 Articles You Need To Read Before You Begin Your 2021 Cloud Journey

Only a few days remain for 2020 to end, it will perhaps go down as a year that brought unprecedented challenges for humanity. Lessons were learned and habits were reformed as people followed stay-at-home orders for their own good. However, despite all the adversities, humanity’s inherent drive of prospering among challenges emerged as the guiding light of necessity.

These innovative ideas made sure that businesses were not impacted in a major manner and large parts of the workforce could continue working despite everyone forced to stay at home. These innovative ideas could largely be realized due to the services provided by cloud technology. So, going ahead into a new year, what important pointers shall we take ahead?

Perhaps a good starting point would be taking a brief look at the important topics we covered on this platform. Hence, let’s take a look at the 5 important articles you must read before you continue your cloud journey into 2021.

Navigating a World of Challenges

As we already discussed, the conditions brought about by the ongoing global pandemic have been quite challenging for businesses. Amid these challenges, Managed Services Providers (MSPs) have had an especially difficult time as they had to provide solutions to their customers to overcome COVID-19 induced challenges while simultaneously tackling these challenges for themselves. In this article, Aditya Garg, founder and CEO of Centilytics, talks how MSPs should go about navigating the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous circumstances brought about by the pandemic.

“Navigating the VUCA world involves MSPs discarding the conventional paradigm of merely delivering tangible services. MSPs need to move away from aging price models in the industry and ascertain the value of services delivered to customers.”

Read the full article here.

A CMP for Multi-Cloud

Multi-cloud approach has been gaining favor among cloud adopters and for a good reason. The flexibility and scalability options provided by multi-cloud environments have made them a huge hit among medium sized businesses. A multi-cloud strategy offers significant advantages when it comes to data management and data recovery. Multi-cloud infrastructure benefits users by providing them with an optimized ROI, transparency, superior security, and autonomy. However, multi-cloud environments also come with management challenges. In this article we discuss how a CMP helps users realize the true potential of multi-cloud deployments.

“While companies continue to expand capabilities by leveraging cloud services, they can still find themselves overwhelmed once their infrastructure scales. Choosing an intelligent CMP for their cloud management needs can make their cloud journey easier, smoother, and highly profitable.”

Read the full article here.

What is QaaS?

Quantum computing promises to herald the next wave of change in the computing sphere. While going quantum is still a dream for many major corporations, the inherent nature of cloud services promises to democratize the field for users. This is where Quantum-as-a-Service (QaaS) steps in. Many cloud providers have already started providing quantum computing as a service to users. Hence, quantum computing can witness democratization at an even greater pace. In this article, we discuss all you need to know about QaaS.

“Whether it is in a few decades or sooner, quantum applications will become an integral part of our lives. Continually advancing quantum computers’ capabilities will unlock its power for research challenges and long-term businesses. However, when quantum computing starts to change the world, early adopters will surely hold a lead.”

Read the full article here.

CapEx vs Opex

The ongoing global pandemic has led to IT budgets shrinking across multiple sectors. However, cloud expenditure has only gone up, and there are predictions that the trend will continue in the future. So, amid these challenging circumstances, what model of investment should the businesses go for? How do they approach their digitalization investment challenges? In this article we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Capital Expenditure and Operational Expenditure amid this pandemic.

“In the times when the market is highly fragile, and conditions are unprecedented, enterprises must brace for rapidly changing conditions.”

Read the full article here.

Trends for MSPs Amid a Pandemic

While MSPs played a pivotal role in ensuring business continuity for a large number of organizations, the pandemic has brought forth even more trends for MSPs. In this article we discuss the trends that MSPs need to watch for future growth and better customer relations, and the kind of partnerships that MSPs need to strike in order to emerge even stronger after this pandemic.

“At a time when the world is possibly facing another phase of economic slowdown, cloud services sector continues to display the promise of growth. A report presented by Allied Market Research states that the global cloud services market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16.4% from 2020 to 2027.”

Read the full article here.

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