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Best Practices To Reduce Your AWS Cloud Costs

According to Canalys, Amazon Web Services (AWS) holds around 32% of the cloud market share in 2021, making it a major player in the...

How can users implement Cloud Cost Optimization best practices using Centilytics?

Optimization is an on-going process not a one-time solution. Organizations need to regularly keep a tab on their resources and implement best practices to avoid the path down to inefficiencies. The best practices are a cumulative set of actions that are already tried and tested, and are adopted by a wide base of users.

How to Optimize your Cloud Cost using Cloud Management Platform (CMP)?

Many enterprises do not want to handle cloud cost management on their own due to a lack of skills and time-consuming practice. So, they leverage services from CMPs to handle all the cost challenges and save themselves a lot of time and money in the process.

TechCrunch Disrupt: Set your expectations and goals right

Is attending TechCrunch Disrupt going to be worth your while if you are a startup? But what TechCrunch Disrupt is all about? Being the world’s biggest...

Introducing Anomaly Detection in Centilytics

When you have an infrastructure running in the cloud and a business that needs more of your financial attention, it is quite common to...