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Introducing Anomaly Detection in Centilytics

When you have an infrastructure running in the cloud and a business that needs more of your financial attention, it is quite common to come across cost anomalies due to uncalculated configuration issues internally. Also, miscalculated estimations due to sudden or unexpected workloads may lead to unusual patterns and deviations from your usual cloud consumption.

Anomalies tend to intrude into the usual behaviour when it is least expected. What is more anomalous is that no AI-driven anomaly detection model can guarantee 100% accuracy and, every organization has their own definition of what an anomaly is and a different way of looking at it. Hence, when it comes to anomalies across your cloud, the first line of thought that hits you is “To cloud or not to cloud”?

Provisioning and leaving large instances running idly for assessment or experimental purposes, voluminous outbound data transfer or frozen serverless calls could be the reasons for these misconfigurations that happens at the core of your IT infrastructure. Developers keep on experimenting with emerging cloud-first technologies to enhance their development, scale application performance, build data lakes or test load. Even a minor goof up in the configuration can spin up unwanted instances, initiate any unnecessary services, or cause an enormous data transfer which usually goes unnoticed, and you get sky-high cloud bills at the month end. You are left with an option to do nothing about it but pay.

The biggest challenge of detecting anomalies is to identify elements that are truly anomalous. Some are vindictive in addition to the inadvertent cost anomalies – Take the “Cryptojacking” case of Tesla for that matter. So, what do you do? Take the pain of solving all the anomalies one by one on your own? While trying to balance between the critical aspects of cloud and business figuring out and conducting root-cause-analysis of your cloud anomalies all by yourself is a ‘think-twice’ thought.

Before putting your hands into an anomaly detection solution, the following angles ought to be evaluated:

Detect and Regulate Anomalies Before They Inflict Disorders

Regardless of whether they have been infiltrated deliberately or accidental, cost-associated anomalies are generally not identified at an early stage which eventually disturbs an organization’s bottom-line. And, you surely don’t want to put your entire data dynasty at stake. To give you clarity on wherever you lack understanding of your cloud expenses and its aftermath, Centilytics has brought up Anomaly Detection feature.

You might come across a mind scratching question – everybody is doing it, so what sets Centilytics’ Anomaly Detection feature apart from others? Well, let’s explore how this feature helps you in identifying deep cost and usage correlations that the human eye cannot identify.

It is such an amazing fact that a cloud management platform exists which endlessly keeps customer data intact without breaching any ethicality. And guess what, Centilytics does that! In addition, it provides cloud users with immense data clarity. Centilytics has machine learning algorithms built for respective datasets that continuously run, analyze and alarm the user(s) as soon as the anomalies are detected. Since we understand how anomaly detection works with different kinds of data sets, our console not only delivers rich data-driven visualizations but also accurate ones to help you achieve governance across your entire cloud infrastructure.

Do not let something ruin your cloud budget that doesn’t conform to the expected

The trick of efficiently distinguishing and tackling cloud issues lies in the core of accurate data. If your data is dicey, it can disrupt an organization’s ability to identify the true positives amidst the fallacious ones. It also hampers their belief in a solution, thereby disturbing their attention from the alerting system and pushing them further towards the cliff of massive problems. Hence, to curb these issues, a cloud management platform is required to have accurate datasets for error-free insights into one’s cloud infrastructure cost and a properly implemented system that trigger alerts proactively.

In order to avert the potential problems and vulnerable threats due to errors, it is also quite important to keep a prim check of anomalies and detect them at the earliest stage possible. Considering the criticality of eliminating the scope of unwanted breaches and the negative impact of errors, Centilytics takes the driver’s seat and analyze your cloud spend and consumed data in order to identify anomalies beforehand.

We have put the competence of machine learning to work for you, to make your business future-proof and safeguard it from anomalous activities while fixing errors in a timely manner. Centilytics fetches and processes gigabytes of data as soon as the billing data of the user is accessible from the multiple cloud providers and displays the spikes in your costs before you see them in bills, within a single pane of glass.

Cloud service providers recommend enterprises to implement tagging strategies as a best practice to streamline their cloud tasks across several business units and teams. On account of anomalies, proper tagging configured across your infrastructure enables us to provide accurate insights and relate anomalies to the service(s) or instance(s) under impact.

Stay One Step Ahead of Unforeseen Cloud Costs with Centilytics

Centilytics helps you stay a step ahead of spiky cost surprises with the predictive, AI/ML-based model of anomaly detection that finds you deviations from the typical pattern of trends across your cloud utilization and costs brought about. Our anomaly alerting lets you take control of your maximum, minimum, sum, average and peak cloud spend over every individual workload.

Centilytics makes it a 5-click process for you to recognize and control anomalies proactively. All you have to do is just set and share your alerts based on your desired cloud services, regions, account IDs, and resource tags in use. The “Anomaly Detection” feature gives you granular visibility and proactive insights into your diversely dynamic cloud ecosystem, thereby ensuring that your business isn’t affected by sudden spikes in the expenses. You can easily give the same visibility to the users and stakeholders across your organization, so your departments and teams can stay ahead of the anomalies and share the responsibility of keeping your cloud healthy.

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