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Here’s How Centilytics Can Help You Take Control of Your Cloud

Managing a cloud infrastructure is a complex process, and this complexity increases multi-fold when a company opts for a multi-cloud environment. Ensuring higher proficiency and minimal cost leakage should be of paramount importance for enterprises. Currently, a distributed workforce is making the management of cloud environments even more complicated. Centilytics allows its users to maintain scalable cloud infrastructures and have granular control over them.

By automating a lot of manual processes, Centilytics provides you actionable insights for issues in your cloud while increasing efficiency by plugging any security loopholes. A complete stack of dedicated services along with a clean and responsive user interface provided by Centilytics makes cloud management a breeze for users. Let’s take a look at how Centilytics enables you to take control of your cloud for maximum ROI.

Tackling Optimization Challenges

Optimization can prove to be the Achilles’ heel of any cloud infrastructure. A lackluster approach toward optimization can lead to under or overutilization of resources. Hence, unnecessarily increasing the amount spent on cloud services. Centilytics provides actionable insights and recommendations to its users to improve their cloud utilization.

In order to ensure long-term savings, Centilytics also offers its users reserved instance capabilities and undertakes smart allocation of resources. Our Cost Optimizer also identifies and eradicates orphaned resources while analyzing patterns and schedules of resources to reduce expenses.

Ensuring Visibility

It is a no-brainer that an invisible issue can hardly be resolved. The same holds true for cloud environments. If a user has limited or zero visibility into their cloud, they can hardly resolve its issues, and in the worst case, they might even be unaware of issues. As the most critical pillar of cloud management, Centilytics ensure that its users can get granular visibility over their infrastructure to get complete control.

Centilytics’ dashboard offers a single-pane-of-glass view to its users. Since cost is the biggest concern for companies migrating or maintaining a cloud, it becomes imperative to reduce any wastage in resources that are often overlooked. These cost sprawls are directly proportional to your infrastructure and increase as it spreads. While providing an agnostic view in a single dashboard, Centilytics analyzes all available data and gives out insights about every single dollar spent.

Minimize Errors With Automation

A skilled workforce is necessary to maintain a profitable and up-to-the-mark cloud infrastructure. However, it is often impossible to shell out for an entire team of experts in the preliminary stages of migrating to the cloud or even later. Hence, companies are often left with a workforce without any cloud expertise, which leads to underperformance of a cloud deployment.

Centilytics’ Cloud Automation automates a plethora of tasks allowing the resources to be utilized for asset creation instead of daily maintenance. All of Centilytics’ solutions, from resource scheduling to automated backups and even security automation, are aimed at increasing your business efficiency while minimizing the need of error-prone human efforts.

Toward Better Control

With extreme complexity comes the decentralization of control. The complex nature of cloud deployment leads to users often not having a centralized command for their reporting and governance. Centilytics Governance and Reporting helps users get the best of both worlds — efficiency via decentralization as well as unified command of cloud.

Centilytics triggers alarms according to a set of predefined rules without any human input, allowing users to focus on asset creation instead of keeping an eye on their cloud infrastructure at all times. Centilytics offers centralized report generation for all units, third-party integration for alerting, as well as establishment of budget controls to keep costs in check.

Securing Your Interests

Amid the increasing number of attacks against cloud infrastructures, it becomes imperative to adopt market best practices to ensure your cloud’s safety. When it comes to security, users must always be aware that prevention is better than cure. This is what Centilytics emulates by elevating your cloud security approach from a reactive state to a proactive level.

Centilytics’ Security Audit provides users with a set of recommendations to ensure proper compliance, risk assessment, and loophole fixes. Its Performance Optimizer ensures your cloud always performs at the optimal level while Service Limits provides actionable insights for any resource breaching provider’s limits. With more than 1100 health checks, 1000 security checks, and 40 service limits, Centilytics proactively ensures the security of your cloud deployment.


When it comes to the cloud, its scalability often poses complexities for its users. With such flexibility, it becomes difficult to manage the resources and costs at all times. If unchecked, these costs can often scale rapidly and spiral out of control. Centilytics — an intelligent CMP — ensures that you get the maximum ROI from your cloud infrastructure.

With a versatile portfolio specializing in analyzing, monitoring, optimizing, and securing your cloud infrastructure, Centilytics ensures granular visibility even in a multi-cloud environment. As an intelligent CMP, our list of products ensures all complex cloud problems are tackled at their core. Click here to start a free trial and take control of your cloud today.

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