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Getting The Most Out of Your Cloud Expenses

As we head into the second year of the decade, the global economic scenario is on a path of recovery from the uncertain times of the past two years. The challenges presented by the recent times has led to accelerated cloud adoption. It has also transformed our digital experience in various ways, from how we store information to how we share it with people online.

A recent study shows that more than 74% of firms believes that cloud computing offers them an edge over its competitors. However, as you know Cloud is a journey, not a destination. So, the important questions still remains, “Are you getting your money’s worth from your cloud investments?”

Rising Cloud Expenditure

Since businesses are always on the prowl for achieving more with less, Cloud is a natural investment hub. Businesses are spending more and more on cloud to create a host of benefits such as, reduced IT costs, greater flexibility, increased efficiency, improved security, and the potential for innovation. There’s no doubt that a significant chunk of budget is being allocated to cloud services, but is the allocation being managed properly?

Maximizing ROI

Since cloud investment is a strategic decision for any business, deriving maximum ROI is critical. However, in the cloud, measuring growth or success is never a direct measure of cost. Many direct and indirect variables are involved. Various charges might have an impact on total ROI. The original investment, implementation costs, and support costs are all included. As a result, it is vital that organizations get down to actively managing their cloud investments to derive desired ROI.

A common way of ensuring your cloud is properly managed is deploying your in-house cloud expertise. However, since Cloud is still an emerging tech, not all businesses have preexisting in-house Cloud expertise or the luxury to develop the same.

This is where an intelligent Cloud Management Platform such as Centilytics comes to the aid of businesses. We offer a dedicated stack of solutions that help you manage your entire single or multi-cloud infrastructure from a single dashboard.


When it comes to cloud services, the ability to choose the right options and use them effectively is all that matters. Organizations often lack the cloud expertise needed for this fast-changing tech. Regardless of how cloud costs are managed, some sort of control is required to keep your costs in check. This is where Centilytics’ Cost Optimization comes into play, bringing you industry-leading practices to help you save up to 70% on your cloud costs.

Here are the steps involved in obtaining the most from your cloud while minimizing your costs with Centilytics:


The first step towards controlling rising cloud expenditure is to ensure that you only use what you need. Our rightsizing recommendations ensure you can easily upgrade or downgrade your resources based on your CPU, memory, disk, network utilization, etc. needs. Centilytics’ rightsizing also allows you to set an average, peak, or custom threshold to receive the best cross-family recommendations for your cloud infrastructure.

Long-term savings:

Once you’ve rightsized your resources, it’s time to avoid the high on-demand pricing. You can utilize Centilytics to get recommendations for cost-saving plans, which will save you an average of 30% over the on-demand model. Furthermore, we also provide recommendations for reserving your instances in advance to further leverage long-term savings.


When it comes to maximizing ROI for your cloud, tagging is another best friend. Efficient and accurate tagging helps you drive accountability across verticals in your enterprise resulting in wise and judicious use of cloud resources and reduced costs.

However, tagging is easier said than done as OEM tools for tagging are just not adequate. Centilytics’ Tagging Compliance ensures you can define company-wide nomenclature for your tags and other features to increase your ROI. We also provide a single-pane-of-glass view for your resources, making it easy to identify mis-tagged or untagged resources. The same dashboard also allows you to fix your tags with just a single click.


Investing in cloud services is the way forward for IT decision makers, but deriving optimum ROI is equally important. An intelligent cloud management platform such as Centilytics can help you boost your organization’s efficiency while helping you get the most from your cloud. Getting desired ROI on your cloud is not a difficult process with the correct stack of tools and services. Embrace the potential of our intelligent service stack, get started for free here.

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