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Here’s How Centilytics Can Help MSPs Address Challenges and Stand Out in the Market

Importance of MSPs

The prominence of cloud services has led to many organizations gradually migrating their workloads as well as entire infrastructure to the cloud to leverage greater flexibility at reduced prices. Managed Services Providers (MSPs) have been of significant importance in helping organizations adopt cloud services. From migrating to the cloud to choosing the right stack of services, MSPs have been instrumental in bringing cloud to the masses.

However, leveraging cloud services is easier said than done. Cloud services promise significant benefits at reduced costs, but the initial enthusiasm soon turns into trouble because cloud best practices are lost along the migration journey due to absence of cloud expertise. With many organizations opting for hybrid or multi cloud infrastructure, the task of managing cloud services has become even tougher for MSPs. Not that MSPs have not been facing challenges at their end.

Challenges Faced by MSPs

The first and foremost challenge faced by MSPs, like any other organization, is acquiring new customers. Due to the increasing competition in the market, most MSPs must bring something extra to the table to acquire new and retain old customers. Merely reselling cloud services has not proven adequate for MSPs. Other than the challenge of standing out from the competition, merely reselling cloud services has also impacted the already thin margins of MSPs.

Then comes the challenge of OEMs directly signing deals with customers, which shrinks the market for MSPs. The abundance of choice in the market has also led to the customers expecting value on top of services as a part of the package. The way forward for MSPs is striking the right partnerships and leveraging the power of a Cloud Management Platform (CMP).

Road Ahead for MSPs

This is where Centilytics — an intelligent CMP — comes in; on top of helping MSPs clear the coveted OEM audits, Centilytics’ expertise ensures that MSPs’ pain points are addressed, and they can thrive in the market. Let’s take a look at how Centilytics helps MSPs tackle challenges while helping them stand out in the crowded market.


With extensive cloud management experience, Centilytics’ products help MSPs provide top-of-the-line services to their customers. Let’s take a brief look at how Centilytics’ products help MSPs.

Cloud Visibility – Often referred to as one of the most crucial aspect of cloud management, cloud visibility provides customers greater visibility into their cloud while giving through a single pane-of-glass-view dashboard. Cloud visibility ensures MSPs can provide greater transparency when it comes to their customer’s cloud usage.

Optimization – Centilytics’ optimization recommendations help customers improve their resource utilization to save on cloud bills. While providing resource rightsizing recommendations, Centilytics also provides actionable Reserved Instance recommendations to help customers save up to 30% on cloud costs according to their infrastructure’s usage.

Tag Management – As we like to think of it, proper tagging of resources brings back ownership and accountability from IT to individual business units. Tagging ensures quick deployment of new features, security updates, and many other tasks while also introducing the capability of tracing back the consumption of cloud resources to individual departments.

Security and Health – Organizations need to protect themselves from various business-threatening threats while ensuring proper compliance with regulatory standards. Centilytics’ Security & Health ensures provides thorough audits, reports, and watches over customers’ infrastructure to ensure compliance and safety.

Cloud Automation – Customers can save up to 30% on costs by automating daily mundane tasks through workload scheduling, lifecycle management, and automated backups. Automation of tasks such as daily maintenance, resource clean-up, automatic restarts, and automatic back-ups reduces resource usage while eliminating scope of human errors.

Governance and Reporting – Centilytics helps customers introduce an policy management system for complete governance and control over the cloud. While working as a watchdog for the infrastructure, Centilytics console also triggers automatic alarms based on pre-defined rules. Centilytics also brings in many third-party integrations such as Slack, O365, Teams, and GSuite to ensure the data compiled through a centralized report generation system is sent to the right stakeholders on the medium they choose.

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