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Here’s How Centilytics Can Help MSPs Address Challenges and Stand Out in the Market (Part 2)

In the last version of our article, we discussed how Centilytics’ products help MSP overcome challenges in the market. This is the final part of the same article.

In the last part of our article, we covered how Centilytics’ products help MSPs tackle challenges, now let’s explore how our Platform enables our MSP partners to serve their customers in a better manner.


Centilytics’ Platform comes with the unique build-your-own-feature capability that helps our MSP partners integrate their own features and provide value on top of services to their customers.

Integrations – Centilytics offers seamless integrations with ITSMs, email, service catalog, cloud watch, and notifications. These integrations allow partners to dynamically use any third-party tool to receive pre-defined reports.

Sales Intelligence – Centilytics platform helps gather information about the customers’ usage patterns so that our partners can sell them what they need instead of making assumptions about their requirements. Identify key metrics such as login, adoption, and many others to expedite the sales cycle.

Catalog Management – With our catalog management services, MSPs can create a wide array of choices for their customers with improved visibility for services, making it easier for customers to choose from services. MSP partners can also reduce the time for building and releasing a widget by adding their own widgets and quickly fulfilling customers’ requests for offerings.

Layout & Access Control – MSPs can introduce multi-tenant access controls with independent user management for each tenant. In simple terms, partners get the capability to display the right amount of data to the right set of users. Centilytics also offers Access Control List to provide widget permissions to the user based on their read or write authority level.


Leverage Centilytics curated Go-To-Market strategies to introduce a clearly defined roadmap for bringing a product to the market. Centilytics GTMs provide partners with customer acquisition and upselling opportunities based on recommendations as per the traditional services.

FinOps-as-a-Service – Also referred to as Cloud Financial Management, FinOps has become a necessity for any organization using cloud services. Centilytics helps MSPs deliver increased ROI to customers while ensuring FinOps is not a task but becomes a practice. The increased ROI, along with optimized cloud resources delivered to customers, also brings upselling opportunities for MSPs.

SecOps-as-a-Service – SecOps introduces security best practices and improves the agility of customer’s businesses while also making their cloud compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, PSI, and many other regulatory standards. Introducing SecOps helps the customer enjoy improved productivity, enhanced automation capabilities, better cloud security, and most importantly, higher ROI.

Chargeback-as-a-Service – Centilytics’ chargeback-as-a-service helps MSPs deliver greater accountability to their customers. This improved accountability helps customers trace back the resources to cost centers (i.e. individual business units), ensuring greater visibility, higher ROI, and overall more planned cloud spending.

Self-Managed Services – Aimed primarily at ISVs and DNBs or any other businesses with a deep technical understanding of the cloud, this strategy allows partners to create an automated offering that can help the customers’ in-house team with cloud management. Since each solution here is presented as a product line, MSPs can buy as a license and sell as a service.

Semi-Managed Services – Under this approach, MSPs can provide extended support instead of a complete offering to organizations with small but increasing workloads from the SMBs sector (with limited IT budgets). MSPs also get recommendations based on the customer’s usage trends through the automated console so that they can upsell services based on it.

Fully-Managed Services – This is the all-in-one offering that MSPs can provide to organizations with little to zero knowledge of the cloud. MSPs can create a premium offering for the customers at an all-inclusive price, which brings the highest margins with benefits from rightsizing, optimization, etc.

At Centilytics, we are committed to creating a mutually beneficial MSP-Centilytics Ecosystem that helps our MSP partners increase their business while boosting margins. So, take the first step toward a profitable journey and Join the Ranks of New-Age Managed Service Providers.

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