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Reporting Made Easier With Slack Integration

Organizations always strive to do better on every front. All the teams come together with a strategy to meet targets ultimately leading to a big picture. To accomplish such targets, they need to organize all the data, have great communication and run like a unit. Centilytics processes pertinent information after analyzing your entire cloud infrastructure. And, obviously, you want this informative data to be consumed in the way you want. Our Slack integration for better governance & reporting allows you to choose from 1000+ reports and receive them directly in your slack feed.

“It’s your data! consume it your way”

As a great organizational tool, Slack enables companies to set up individual team communication by creating various channels.

By integrating our console i.e. Iris with Slack, Centilytics brings the convenience of reporting and scheduling in one place. You can share reports with various channels directly and schedule them as per your requirement.

How you can integrate Slack with our Console:

  1. Log into Centilytics Cloud Management Console and go to settings.Slack Integration 1
  2. In settings, navigate to integration and select add slack (+) under the slack tab.Slack Integration 2
  3. Now you need to authenticate Centilytics app with your Slack credentials to allow Centilytics to send reports.Slack Integration 3Slack Integration 4Slack Integration 5
  4.  You can test the integration of Slack with our console before sharing the reports in your Slack channels.Slack Integration 6Slack Integration 7
  5. Finally, in the ‘Scheduling’ section, you can save, share & schedule reports directly from Centilytics Console and select Slack as one of the channels.Slack Integration 8

That was easy right?

To know more about our Slack integration, visit our webpage.

When you use Centilytics and Slack together, you can strengthen your governance through more transparent communication. Scalability is what drives most of the organization’s cloud migration strategies. But, this can create havoc if you leave even a single loose end. Here at Centilytics, we try to keep all those ends tight and intact.

Our platform brings you from basic to the most advanced features to enhance your cloud management abilities. Get a 3-month free trial or book a demo to transform your cloud story.

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