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Here’s How Centilytics Can Help You Get Maximum ROI From Your AWS Cloud

Did you ever feel the need for a high-resolution lens that gives you a complete yet granular visibility into your ever-changing AWS Cloud cost and usage? Probably, every time you deal with a tangled cloud bill with lots of cost spikes and leaks in it.

Centilytics gives you a complete cloud cost management & governance platform to control your AWS costs the way you want.

Take a sneak peek at what makes it stand out:

Key Differentiators:

  • New enhanced billing CSV Report that presents line item details and usage costs, with much more granularity. Since AWS has stopped updating the old billing formats, we are the only ones using this currently.
    • The new CSV we use gives you in-depth details on each of your services. So, when something does go wrong in your billing, we can help you diagnose with the same while you only focus on driving business value.
    • Additionally, you can set your account preferences to publish your CSV Report by Region, Resource Tags, Blended & Unblended Costs to name a few.
  • The hourly details and actionable insights we provide can be gained from any to any desired dates and are not limited to a certain time period. Users thus, get to leverage Centilytics at zero-level abstraction.
  • Data Transfer Cost: It is a major cost unknown to customers, contributing 30% to the total cost spikes experienced. We take a deep dive into that, crunch days’ worth of data and deliver immediate answers to which Data Transfers caused your cloud costs to spike.
  • Comprehensive Understanding of Blended & Unblended Costs: You get complete transparency as we share insights based on both blended & unblended costs.
  • Complete customization of any and every feature tailored to your business-critical needs.
  • Pricing: Since we value each penny you spend;
    • Centilytics comes as a free tool for all our AWS billing customers
    • And customers under other AWS resellers for billing get to use it for just 1% of their cloud bill.

Centilytics Adds More To Your Cloud Value:

  • Extensive filters unlike any other: Understand your billing in any time zone and currency of your choice. No longer complex UTC-based (Coordinated Universal Time) billings.
  • Role-based Visibility gives a personalized view of the cloud data that is more relevant to you and your team. Engineers, Finance teams, CIOs, and all other business units in your organization can customize our dashboards to gain insights that align perfectly with their roles.

Make Cloud a better place with Centilytics, where you can save more than what you invest.

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