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Here’s How Centilytics Can Help You Secure Your Cloud Infrastructure

The State of Security

As we have already discussed here, security has been a growing and daunting challenge for MSPs and businesses alike. In an article we recently covered here, we explored how among other security threats — ransomware — has emerged as the biggest challenge for cloud deployments worldwide. The challenges have even intensified as not just the businesses, but the entire world tackles unprecedented circumstances. You can read our full report on security issues here.

As businesses are steadfastly committed to continue operations and deliver value to the world, the adoption of cloud services has skyrocketed. This adoption upsurge also comes with its own unique set of security concerns that we highlighted above. So, what is the recourse for businesses in this scenario? What steps do they need to take to keep their cloud infrastructure secure? Not just businesses, even MSPs also need to focus on solutions to ensure cloud security. The answer lies in the adoption of a Cloud Management Platform (CMP).

Why Do Businesses/MSPs Need a CMP?

Having an intelligent CMP such as Centilytics is akin to having an ace up one’s sleeve when it comes to addressing the security challenges faced by your cloud infrastructure. Perhaps the most significant advantage that Centilytics brings to you is that it elevates your organization’s approach toward security from a reactive state to a proactive state.
A popular adage states, “Prevention is Better Than Cure.” Centilytics helps your businesses implement the adage via its proactive approach toward security. One can even go ahead to state that having a proactive approach toward security could have been a visionary step a year ago, but the state the world finds itself in makes it a necessity at this point. Let’s take a look at how Centilytics helps organizations tackle security challenges.

Here’s How Centilytics Elevates Your Security Outlook

Security Audit

Perhaps the biggest challenge regarding security is compliance issues faced by businesses. Centilytics’ Security and Health feature ensures that your cloud infrastructure is compliant with all the major prominent regulations that include PCI, HIPAA, ISO 27001, GDPR, Trusted Advisor, Azure Advisor, NIST 800-53, CIS v.1.2.0., CSA.

Centilytics provides fully automated checks regarding the vulnerabilities that your cloud infrastructure faces with regard to multiple compliance regulations. Further, Centilytics provides these automated checks even for your multi-cloud deployment, and the best part is that you get all the information within a single pane of glass. Centilytics also offers different and separate checks for various products offered by major cloud providers. Our intelligent CMP ensures that you get a clear picture of your security and compliance status, all within a single pane of glass.

Centilytics also offers compliance-based reporting as well as individual check-based reports to its partners. These reports can be scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly, thus ensuring you get automated reports on the security and health of your infrastructure at regular intervals. Further, users can also determine whether they want a consolidated report or compliance-wise reports of their cloud infrastructure.

Besides multi-cloud support, our Security and Health also offers multiple account support, wherein you can run checks for multiple accounts in the same infrastructure. Additionally, Centilytics also provides filter-based checks wherein users can run security checks based on the filters decided by them. Our intelligent CMP also provides instant alerts over mail if your cloud infrastructure faces any security vulnerability or even a breach.

A Healthy Cloud Environment is a Secure Environment

Fault Tolerance — Our intelligent CMP also ensures that your cloud infrastructure’s fault tolerance capability is always at an optimum level. We provide you with insights regarding your backups, AMI age, etc., to ensure that your critical data in the cloud infrastructure always remains safe and the organization does not face any downtime.

Performance Optimizer — Centilytics’ Health and Security performs constant checks on your cloud infrastructure so that your cloud is always at the optimal performance level. Our performance optimizer performs constant checks on the security groups of your resources and provides you actionable insights to ensure that your cloud is always on optimal performance level.

Service Limits — Public cloud providers impose hard and soft limits on their services, and users have to stick to the limit in order to avoid unexpected spikes or delays in their workloads. Our intelligent CMP ensures that your cloud deployment adheres to these limits. Centilytics achieves this by providing you with actionable insights on the service limits.


As businesses and MSPs both focus on mitigating the impact of security vulnerabilities in their cloud infrastructure, partnering with a qualified and intelligent CMP is the way ahead. The world currently finds itself in uncharted waters, and given this scenario, having a proactive approach toward security can pay dividends like nothing else. Centilytics strives to ensure its partners are always a step ahead when it comes to cloud infrastructure security. However, please do not take us on our word; experience it yourself by testing our services completely free for three months. Click here to start your trial now!

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