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Human Resources at Centilytics — Our Method To Success

Even before COVID-19 drastically impacted the workforce, having a positive environment in the organization was a necessity. HR functions are not only limited to...

How Centilytics Plugs the Gaps Present in OEM’s Cloud Security Arrangements

Cloud security is among the top topics under deliberation when most organizations migrate their workloads, after all security loopholes can leave their infrastructure prone...

Why are Websites and Web Applications Rapidly Adopting Cloud Security Solutions?

DDoS (Distributed Denial of service) attacks have increased in the past few years, with gaming and retail websites being their main targets. In case a DDoS attack is successful, it can leave the website crippled for hours and, at times, for days too. This not only results in huge revenue loss but can also damage brand authority and customer trust. Cloud security solutions come up with a bevy of services that track, categorize, and probe DDoS attacks. The process primarily starts with identifying the impending DDoS attacks, notifying and warning respective managers of the same, mopping up the DDoS traffic, diffusing it across global Points of Presence (PoPs), and finally, laying out post-attack analysis

Default master username of AWS RDS instance can be precarious

AWS RDS instances are used to store large volumes of confidential data and organizations cannot afford to risk this data at any cost. Therefore,...

Amazon Redshift cluster parameter groups should have SSL enabled

AWS users want to ensure that their infrastructure attains maximum security levels so that their daily operations do not get disrupted due to any...

AWS Redshift clusters configuration in a VPC for better cloud security

AWS EC2 VPC is the updated technology which provides many advantages to the users such as better access control, better networking infrastructure, and access to the latest node types for better throughput, performance, etc.