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Why are Websites and Web Applications Rapidly Adopting Cloud Security Solutions?


Cloud-based systems have now emerged as a feasible platform to address security concerns of a number of businesses around the world. The media and entertainment industry has been a huge beneficiary of the added number of safety provisions. Cloud-based storage systems tend to offer out hands-on algorithms to operate and securely manage huge workflows. Along with a plethora of other advantages such as the convenience of easy access and safe storage of data, the security features provided by Cloud-based solutions have helped businesses reap more profits as compared to the businesses that have not adopted Cloud technology.

DDoS (Distributed Denial of service) attacks have increased in the past few years, with gaming and retail websites being their main targets. In case a DDoS attack is successful, it can leave the website crippled for hours and, at times, for days too. This not only results in huge revenue loss but can also damage brand authority and customer trust. Cloud security solutions come up with a bevy of services that track, categorize, and probe DDoS attacks. The process primarily starts with identifying the impending DDoS attacks, notifying and warning respective managers of the same, mopping up the DDoS traffic, diffusing it across global Points of Presence (PoPs), and finally, laying out post-attack analysis.

At a time when data breach incidents are frequent, high-end Cloud computing security solutions have come up with exclusive security proprieties and rules to defend highly sensitive information. This prevents third parties from meddling with transmitted data, and keeps communications between company servers and users completely secure. Organizations across the world have now started incorporating security protocols within their network to safeguard sensitive records and proceedings.

Highly secure and sophisticated data encryption techniques within Cloud-based security systems have considerably curtailed the risks of data breaches. Providing an all-inclusive approach, these solutions make sure that proper key management is offered for the entire venture. Cloud-based systems also allow business organizations the freedom to decide on which users will be getting the data farmed out to the Cloud. This way, any efforts to tamper with important data can be derailed. Further, there have been many cases where many organizations have faced the threat of internal data theft. Here, sturdier access controls can nip these threats in the bud. The multifaceted security skins and sorts have wiped out the possibilities of data breaches to a considerable degree.

Standard and conventional storage solutions don’t provide any protection against potential threats that can remove or delete required data from devices. Here, Cloud computing permits users to store their data securely, thus averting the chance for any mishaps that may impact business. Cloud storage solutions offer private, public, and hybrid expositions that businesses may utilize as per their requirements.

Hackers often exploit the vulnerabilities of a website to corrupt the security system of an organization. Here, Cloud security solutions again provide real-time assistance to patrons and clients and are handy in high traffic situations. This suppleness and tractability enables companies to significantly curtail their cost of services.

According to Allied Market Research, the global Cloud security market is anticipated to register a considerable Compound Annual Growth Rate between 2014 to 2020.  In a nutshell, Cloud security can be defined as sophisticated technology with a suite of controls that serve the security needs of the Cloud infrastructure by safeguarding important data and applications. Especially with the Cloud computing market being highly susceptible to veritable data loss and data breaches, the importance of Cloud security solutions has increased multi-fold. To sum up, it can be said that the global market is no longer at a developing stage; rather, it is rapidly growing. Further, there are projections that the market will gain huge traction in the immediate future.

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