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What are the repercussions of not using a CMP?


Running and operating a Cloud deployment isn’t as simple as it sounds. Businesses want to take advantage of the benefits offered by the Cloud. However, they need to properly manage their Cloud operations and resources in order to maintain efficiency.

One way that companies can optimize their Cloud deployments is by implementing a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) solution. A CMP is a suite of tools designed to manage Cloud computing resources in a public, private, or hybrid Cloud environment. An enterprise can use CMP for optimizing its resources and service usage to keep Cloud costs down. Introducing a CMP to internal teams can bring a number of advantages to enterprises. Users can work with their Cloud environment more efficiently, but if they aren’t managing their Cloud resources, their company could be incurring potentially high costs. Cost is not the only concern for companies without Cloud management, in fact, there are three key scenarios that businesses might face if they are not using CMP solutions or any other management strategy.

Lack of self-service management

The most common and crucial issue that companies face while using Cloud services is to determine what are the right resources and how much should they be provisioned to align with their use case. Most CMP solutions support self-service Cloud resource management. This means that rather than being given a set amount of resources, enterprises can themselves provision resources for their Cloud environment. A CMP can help determine the optimal amount of resources for business needs. This results in determining the correct volume of resources that needs to be requested from Cloud provider in the future.

Cloud cost sprawls

Cost savings is one of the key driving factors for Cloud adoption. The irony here is that most Cloud journeys fail due to cost leaks exhausting IT budgets. Less visibility about what is actually happening in the Cloud infrastructure also leads to unnecessary cost expenditures. This is one of the prominent reasons why enterprises want to manage their resource usage. Resources that remain unused will only drain company’s finances. CMP solutions can provide insights about resources such as cost associated, how frequently it is used, etc. Cloud costs can be optimized and pointless expenses can be cut down by managing Cloud operations to ensure appropriate usage of each resource.

Tedious management policies

Governing the entire infrastructure is possible only with right policies implemented at right places. As Cloud scales, it becomes extremely difficult to manually keep a tab of policies. Companies often fall prey to unethical breaches due to the absence of right policies and their efficient management, and this pushes them to the point of no return. CMPs deliver automated Cloud management policies and tasks to help utilize resources properly. A CMP platform is based on automatic orchestration, for example, it automates the process of finding spare resources on network whenever required. Rather than waiting for the IT team to discover wasted resources, CMP automatically fixes resource usage problems.

Centilytics can save you from these problems

Centilytics is a complete suite of Cloud management products and services – a perfect solution for every Cloud management need. The platform offers granular visibility, end-to-end security checks, recommendations to optimize every resource, and automation capabilities to shift team’s focus from redundant tasks to where they should actually use it. Integrating Centilytics with your infrastructure will not only help in quickly reducing extra costs, but also truly gain the values that Cloud promises over the longer duration.

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