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Top 5 Azure Migration Tools And Services


Unless you start a project or company from scratch, the transition to Cloud comes with some form of data migration from your current setup to your new Cloud platform. 

Microsoft Azure offers plenty of tools to assist you in migrating your data from your current platform to its public Cloud service. These range from robust command-line [um_loggedin] tools for copying unstructured data, to dedicated tools for database migrations.  

Here, we list the top Microsoft Azure Cloud migration tools and services that can be used to migrate your workload.  

Azure Database Migration Service 

About: Azure’s Database Migration service is a tool that helps you simplify, guide, and automate the database migration to Azure. It enables you to migrate your data, schema, and objects from multiple sources to the Cloud at scale. It also offers support for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Oracle migration to Azure from on-site and other Clouds. Azure claims that its database migration service is a highly resilient and self-healing migration service that provides reliable outcomes with near-zero downtime.  

Azure Storage Explorer 

About: Azure Storage Explorer provides management for your Azure storage accounts through a client-side application available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.  

Transferring data with Azure Storage Explorer is as easy as copy and pasting files into a traditional operating system’s file manager. Naturally, the size of data and network speed will determine time taken to copy data into your subscribed Azure storage account from the source location. It is a command-line tool for migrating unstructured data.  


About: AzCopy is a command-line utility specifically created to help users copy data from external sources to Azure storage. Moreover, AzCopy allows you to copy data from one Azure storage account to another and even copy data across subscriptions.  

This command-line feature is basically a stripped-down version of Azure Storage Explorer and is available for both Microsoft and Linux platforms. You will need some experience with a command-line syntax to use this feature, making it a little less user friendly than the Azure Storage Explorer. However, since it has a command-line interface, it can be mounted on systems that lack graphical user interface such as Windows Core, Windows Nano, and Linux servers. 


Azure Data Box 

About: Azure Data Box devices allow you to move your data to Azure when an unreliable network is the only option. It helps you move large amounts of data to Azure when there are restrictions such as limited time, network availability, or costs. All the data stored in these data box devices are encrypted with AES-encryption, and after each upload, the devices are wiped clean under NIST Special Publication 800-88 revision 1 standards.  

Azure Migrate 

About: It is a collection of all the migration tools and guidance offered by Azure. Now you need to plan and implement strategies to the Cloud and track your progress using a central dashboard that delivers intelligent end-to-end tracking and insights.  

It supports all the major migration scenarios across servers, data, databases, web apps, and virtual desktops. 

Pro tip: Plan before you execute 

Migrating data to Azure may seem like a monumental undertaking but if you plan adequately and execute correctly, the job can be done with little effort.   [/um_loggedin][ultimatemember form_id=”8036″]

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