Why is Cloud Data Management important for efficient data operations?

The ever-increasing list of cloud applications and tools serving various use cases being adopted by enterprises is leading to the unimaginable growth...

Why do Enterprises Need Cloud Management Platform?

Cloud management platforms should enable customers to manage their multi-cloud environment; be it On-Prem, Hybrid or Public Cloud or Multi-cloud, agnostic of their size, vertical or industry.

5 Ways Cloud Automation Can Solve Your IT Puzzle

Automating your cloud infrastructure reduces the number of human efforts required to manage it. When you implement automation, there are fewer manual errors and the IT team can work on strategic decisions.

Cloud Automation Can Give MSPs A Competitive Advantage

Centilytics is an automated cloud management platform that helps in managing the cloud infrastructure from a single dashboard. With Centilytics, MSPs can truly understand their customer’s cloud infrastructure and help them take strategic decisions to use cloud in an efficient way.

Cloud Management for OTT Platforms

OTT or over-the-top platforms are the future of video content, providing the content straight to consumers online, circumventing the need for cable, broadcast, and satellite TV.

A Guide To Cloud Management For The FinTech Industry

Finance companies handle a plethora of data that should be secured. There is not a doubt that security is the primary concern when embracing any new technology, especially the cloud-based offerings.

How to Optimize your Cloud Cost using Cloud Management Platform (CMP)?

Many enterprises do not want to handle cloud cost management on their own due to a lack of skills and time-consuming practice. So, they leverage services from CMPs to handle all the cost challenges and save themselves a lot of time and money in the process.