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How MSPs Can Improve Customer’s SysOps Efficiency?


Cloud computing has penetrated every industry and business. But organizations are still struggling to perfectly align the business objectives with cloud technology. This is due to the fact that teams within the organizations are often indulged in redundant tasks resulting in less efficiency.

Every team has its importance and are designated with certain responsibilities. The sysOps team plays a crucial role in the delivery service model. There is always a scope of improvement and implementing SysOps efficiently can help customers embrace multiple benefits leading to business. As a Service Provider, one must provide solutions to its customers, which can contribute to better SysOps efficiency.

What is SysOps (System Operations)?

SysOps delivery style is ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), which is generally a set of thorough guidelines for IT service management (ITSM) that focuses on aligning business goals with IT services. ITIL enables organizations to set a baseline from which it can design, execute, and measure. SysOps, as a whole, depicts compliance of the policies approved internally and also a way to estimate improvement.

In the past, “SysOps” or “system operator” denoted any professional responsible for any computer system. As cloud computing advanced, the term evolved to denote professionals who are responsible for multi-user systems. SysOps team is responsible for various tasks such as monitoring, full-stack management, software lifecycle management, patch management, etc.

Why focus on Improving SysOps efficiency?

SysOps’ approach of managing infrastructure is centralized around infrastructure, which is taken care of on a more individual level. Responsibilities assigned to a SysOps Administrator may vary as per the organization’s requirements, but in general, these responsibilities can be summed up as:

• To configure the cloud services.
• To monitor and manage the services.

SysOps Administrator can follow the guidelines to configure the cloud services. While monitoring and managing the configured services, there is a huge scope of eliminating redundant tasks by preventing human intervention.

How to improve SysOps efficiency?


SysOps responsibilities might ask to do redundant tasks such as start and stop the instances etc. Partners can automate such tasks in their customer’s infrastructure to prevent any human intervention. Automation not only eliminates the need for any external control but also eliminates the chances of potential errors. SysOps day-to-day tasks can be a lot if divided into siloes, so automation becomes necessary to get the desired output after hundreds of tasks, that too, without errors.

Monitoring and Visibility

The sysOps team is responsible for monitoring the system operations. To do this efficiently, one should have insights about every resource provisioned in the infrastructure. Service Providers can equip their customers with a cloud management platform to provide visibility into their customer’s infrastructure. SysOps team can extract information about the multiple services and the corresponding resources running in the cloud. To make the right decision, customers should understand what is actually in their infrastructure.


Every team in the organization should share the same source of truth, i.e., the data should come from a single source. The representation of data may vary depending on the use. The only viable solution to breaking siloes of data and get useful insights is an efficient reporting system. Service Providers can offer their customers an elaborative and efficient reporting system that provides reports representing data collected after monitoring the infrastructure. Such reports can be used by every team of the organization with customization to avoid the overload of data.

How Centilytics helps Service Providers to improve SysOps efficiency for customers and themselves?

As cloud adoption is increasing, customers are expecting highly of Service Providers to fulfill every demand. Organizations want a plug-n-play solution for all their problems. Centilytics is an intelligent cloud management, SaaS-based platform which offers complete visibility into the cloud infrastructure with accurate monitoring, automation capabilities, and a robust reporting system that provides more than 1500 reports which can be customized using different filters.

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