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How can MSPs retain customers by improving Customer Experience (CX)?


Whether you are a major player or an entrant in the MSP sector, the evergreen goal is to expand your customer base, cut costs, and increase revenue streams. While there are several strategies that can be implemented to achieve your growth objectives, enhancing the customer experience (CX) tops the list.

Focusing on customers’ needs and making them a top priority is a fundamental task for an MSP. This does not just provide an edge over the competition but also turns prospects and existing customers into long-term clients. Traditional MSPs are generally product/service-focused. MSPs create offers, subscription plans, and bundled offerings listing details of their services. Although these details clarify the services offered by the MSP, customers aren’t really interested in the details of these offerings, or the technicalities of how these managed services are delivered. They are interested in how you can help them overcome their challenges and leverage technology to achieve the objectives of their organization.

Focus on the fundamentals of customer experience

Starting with basics is the stepping stone in enhancing customer experience. You have a service to offer, but unless it meets specific customer needs, it brings no value for them. So, that’s where it all starts —ensuring you understand and successfully meet your customer’s needs.

The first note in the enhanced customer experience check-list is hassle-free IT services. Without managed services, customers rely on a reactive approach to IT. When something goes wrong, they call the service provider to fix it. This is time-consuming and lowers productivity.

However, managed services ensure that IT service is proactive. MSPs work behind the scenes to prevent downtime through routine maintenance and systems patching. When a system threatens to malfunction, you get an alert so you can address the issue before downtime occurs. This approach enhances the customer experience. It helps save time and money by minimizing IT interruptions. Customers need not worry about routine IT maintenance because you do it for them, enabling them to focus on their core business.

Enable Digital Transformation with Cloud Technology

Customers are still sceptical about adopting cloud services for all their business needs. However, cloud services essentially make their life easy by offering scalable solutions. As an MSP, you can educate your customers about the benefits of the cloud and how it can achieve business objectives with lesser costs and greater efficiency.

The customers are always concerned about the “how” part. You can help customers prepare a roadmap for cloud adoption. This will help the customer focus more on their business and bring a long-term relationship for MSPs — a win-win scenario for both the parties. Acquiring customers in their early stages of cloud adoption helps MSPs customize the services from end-to-end. This involves less hassle on the part of MSPs and a better experience for customers.

Ensuring a long-term relationship requires MSPs to carefully equip customers with the necessary tools and solutions as the technology changes. Cloud is a playground for everyone, just create an account, add a credit card, and you are ready to use cloud services. However, this ease of use also becomes complex as the cloud needs scale-up, and over time, managing resources becomes difficult for customers. Customers reaching out to MSPs for outsourcing IT requirements often do not want their teams to spend time on management tasks. You can also offer a complete cloud management stack such as Centilytics to customers and ensure that their cloud journey is seamless.

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