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How can users implement Cloud Cost Optimization best practices using Centilytics?


If your business objectives require IT requirements, then you must be aware of the Cloud computing. There might be a higher possibility that your organization is using cloud services and struggling to bring down the monthly bills for those cloud services. The answer to every inefficiency is optimization and in this case cloud cost optimization.

Optimization is an on-going process not a one-time solution. Organizations need to regularly keep a tab on their resources and implement best practices to avoid the path down to inefficiencies. The best practices are a cumulative set of actions that are already tried and tested, and are adopted by a wide base of users. In the past years, the regular consumption of cloud services has pin-pointed what should be done and what can be avoided. In this blog, there are various cloud cost optimization best practices that you might already know. The interesting part is how to implement the same using Centilytics.

Centilytics, an intelligent cloud management platform, facilitates the right stack of cloud management products and services to help user get the ROI from cloud.

Long-term savings with RIs (Reserved Instances)

Reserved Instances are reliable for accumulating long-term savings. Users can save an average of 30% of their cloud costs by switching from on-demand to reserved instances. Cloud is here to stay and organizations must focus on long-term savings that cloud has to offer.

How Centilytics helps you?

Centilytics monitors user’s entire cloud infrastructure and based on the usage pattern recommends what instances to reserve and for how long. Users can also leverage the recommendations for AWS’s Saving Plans to get more savings over RIs (Reserved Instances).

Regularly rightsize your resources

Inefficiently used resources are either under-provisioned or over-provisioned. Such resources can exhaust fair amount of your cloud budget. Regularly rightsizing the resources not only saves cost but also gives a better idea which resources to be exactly used.

How Centilytics helps you?

Centilytics provides user recommendations to upgrade or downgrade resources based on a combination of CPU, Memory, Disk, and Network Utilization. Users can also set their custom thresholds to get the customized cross-family recommendations best-suited for your infrastructure.

Monitor Reserved Instance Utilization

Reserving the instances (that we mentioned in the first point) is just one part, users also need to keep a close tab on its utilization. Optimizing RIs for cost savings justifies that it is not a one-time process.

How Centilytics helps you?

Centilytics allows users to monitor the utilization for every RI for efficient usage. Users get the recommendations based on normalization factor. It helps users identify under-utilized RIs to get the cross-account and cross-instance views.

Schedule instances only when needed

Organization’s generally carry cloud operations with production workload and non-production workload. Non-production workloads are mostly used during office working hours which can be shut down after specific hours to save costs. Schedule instances when only needed to cut unnecessary costs.

How Centilytics helps you?

Centilytics is a powerful monitoring solution for public cloud, no matter users are using services from a single provider or leveraging multi-cloud. The monitoring allows Centilytics to offer recommendations about which is the best time to start the instances and when to shut down. The platform also offers complete automation for this process.

Don’t pay for wastage

The most common reason for cost leaks is “wastage” resources running in the cloud infrastructure. The wastage refers to the orphaned resources which can accumulate due to two reasons. First, the resource was initially provisioned to use but not terminated after use and user is still paying for that resource. Second, the resources which are provisioned with certain dependencies on other resources. However, if the parent resource is deleted then the dependent resources are wastage for users. So, eliminate all such resources.

How Centilytics helps you?

The wastage resources are not easy to find, so Centilytics provides a wastage tracker. This allows users identify orphaned resources lying unnecessarily in the infrastructure. Eliminating such resources can quickly bring down cloud bill.

Centilytics is more than just an optimization tool. It is a complete suite of cloud management products and services. Users can monitor, get granular visibility, get central governance, automate redundant tasks, and much more. If you are still struggling to manage cloud or just cloud costs, Centilytics do it all for you. Book-a-demo to see our platform in action.

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