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Game of Cloud Management: Strategy to win cloud battles


Cloud Management” is difficult to conquer. The throne is full of thorns and to claim your cloud throne, you need the support of 5 houses. These houses swear to fight beside you to save your cloud kingdom in every battle. Each house has its name based on its biggest strength, which you can leverage for a prosper kingdom.”

“Cloud Doharis”

Strategy for cloud management: make the alliance with all these houses and be the king of Cloud.

“You Know Nothing.”

You need visibility into every single corner of your cloud kingdom with a bird-eye view for granular visibility. See everything with Cloud Visibility’s ravens, which can see what you might miss.

“Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder.”

The entire cloud can work with fewer complexities if managed properly. The resources coming into your cities need to be allocated with the proper cost. A complete end-to-end monitoring will lead you to the optimization of required resources.

“Power is Power”

Control everything like a King. Save your time and efforts by smoothly sailing your ships to their destinations effortlessly. Automate the tasks and let your cloud follow your orders.

  • House of Governance & Reporting

“Hand of King”

Get all the advice on how to govern your agile cloud kingdom. Implement the policies which grant restricted access to make sure no one performs treason. Order all your troops to report with all the conclusive analysis of cloud battles.

“Breach is coming”

To fight all the security breaches and maintain the health of your cloud kingdom, you need a ferocious army of checks (aka “Brothers of the Night’s Watch”) that tackle with open ports, manage the granted access to your cities and make sure everything is compliant.

“Hail the King of Cloud”

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