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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Azure Expert MSP Audit


Assessing, applying, and then completing a third-party audit can be overwhelming and challenging, but all the efforts are worth it. Well, to become a trusted MSP, you need to get industry-wide acknowledgment and accreditations such as getting certified as Azure Expert MSP. If you are looking forward to the Azure Expert MSP audit and not sure where to start, then you have stumbled upon the right article.

We’ve answered FAQs regarding the Azure Expert MSP Audit to help you understand the process, find the right resources, and get you off and running.

Why do you need to do the Azure Expert MSP Audit?

As the cloud market is rapidly evolving, MSPs with traditional offerings do not stand a chance in the crowded and highly competitive landscape. So, if you are an MSP, you must quickly adapt to evolve and become a next-generation cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP) in order to outpace the competition. If you are planning to capitalize on cloud market opportunities, then you must demonstrate the capabilities that customers expect.

Getting through and passing the audit is a public information that you are best to help customers on every step of their digital transformation led by cloud computing. Certified Azure Expert MSPs are capable of helping customers in every step of their cloud journey, from assessing, migrating, deploying, optimizing, and most importantly efficiently managing the cloud environments.

Do you customers care if you complete the audit or not?

Yes, absolutely! When you go to a potential customer that you are best in what you do, they might have heard the same thing from your competition. So, what makes a difference. Passing the audit will help your customers to identify that you truly have all the capabilities of an MSP that they are looking for.

Getting an independent seal of approval from Microsoft Azure itself will help build trust in your customers. Microsoft treats Azure Experts MSPs more than just resellers, in fact, they act as trusted advisors throughout the customer’s cloud adoption lifecycle. Customers rely heavily on MSPs to properly manage and scale their cloud infrastructure.

What are the prerequisites needed to apply for the audit?

1. Partners must have an active Gold Cloud Platform competency.
2. Partners must drive a minimum of USD$200,000 Azure consumed revenue per month.
3. Partners must have an active CSP contract in place.
4. Partners must have a minimum total of 15 employees who have completed one of three Microsoft certified professional exams.
5. Partner must provide evidence of four Azure customer references, including one public reference with a published case study.
6. Partners must have either Advanced Support for Partners or Premier Support for Partners covering Azure.
7. Partners must have an Azure focused Consulting Services offering published on AppSource and Azure Marketplace.
8. Partners must have Azure offerings promoted on their website.

What are the useful resources to prepare for Azure Expert MSP Audit?

Microsoft regularly releases an official document as Azure Expert MSP Audit Checklist, which includes detailed information about the audit process, the assessment criteria and what will capabilities that you are required to showcase.

If you are an MSP, there are third-party solutions that you can incorporate into your service delivery stack. These solutions will free your time and help you focus on Azure expertise.

A cloud management platform is a great example of such a third-party solution that can automate your processes and even provide services where you might not even hold any expertise.

How does Centilytics help you pass the audit?

Centilytics’ Partner Program is designed to tackle the challenges that an MSP faces and enable the transformation from a traditional MSPs to what makes them an Azure Expert MSP. We ensure that our partners close the gap in passing audits as per the regulatory criteria laid out by Microsoft.

For more information, book a demo now to talk to our representative and see our platform in live-action.

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