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Why MSPs must offer complete visibility to end-users?


Have you been stuck with no answers to the questions that your customers are asking when it comes to cloud infrastructure? As an MSP, this is a typical scenario, and customers demand only one thing, i.e., visibility into their cloud infrastructure. Well, customers are not wrong at all.

Visibility into the cloud helps not only MSPs but also customers to find solutions to their issues relatively easier. In simple words, visibility in the cloud means eliminating the blind spots that can lead to overspends, performance inefficiencies, and security issues. In an on-premise IT infrastructure, achieving visibility is easy, whereas it becomes difficult to achieve when IT operations also involve cloud.

Organizations running IT operations in an exclusive on-prem infrastructure has complete control over every resource of its IT environment. The full responsibility also lies on organizations part over costs, performance, and security. When workloads are migrated to the cloud, the control and responsibilities over the resources are distributed among the organization, cloud provider, and the MSP handling their infrastructure.

Three Reasons Why MSPs should deliver visibility to customers

To simplify things for everyone involved

Cloud providers have a long list of services to offer and are developing services at a very fast rate. If you are an MSP, your customers must have been using a handful of services to support their business objectives. Your customers might not be able to comprehend what is happening in their cloud without proper visibility. This is where the opportunity lies for MSPs to truly win their customers by providing complete visibility into their cloud infrastructure.

To be able to clearly see what resources are running in the cloud is itself an advantage to prevent any complexities. Granular visibility into the cloud not only simplifies things for the customers but MSPs too. MSPs can also view their customer’s infrastructure and guide them through better strategic decisions.

To help customers identify inefficiencies

Customers not always have the right information about the nature of resources they are provisioning. Multiple teams in an organization are operating on cloud and spinning instances in a very irregular fashion. This irregular fashion often leads to overprovisioning of cloud resources.

MSPs can enable their customers with visibility into various metrics of the resources, such as cost and usage. Customer demands their infrastructure to be up and running smoothly to achieve efficiency in business operations. In order to achieve efficiency, the ground rule for most of the organizations is to use resources responsibly. With visibility, it will be easier for customers to comprehend whether the resources are utilized fully or not. If not, then customers can replace and provision suitable resources.

To prevent security risks

“Cloud security is a shared responsibility.” This holds meaning for every cloud environment be it simple or complex. When there are a handful of resources running in the public cloud, the security can be like a documented approach. But when there are overwhelming resources, security requires a more sophisticated approach.

To fulfill the shared responsibility on customers’ end, they should have clear visibility into the account logs, policies, and roles created. With all-around visibility into cloud, customers would be able to see whether the resources are vulnerable or not.

Cloud Visibility is difficult to achieve but not with Centilytics

Complete visibility in the cloud is essential because you can’t control what you can’t see. The tools offered by cloud providers do not provide granular visibility; instead, gives a holistic overview of the resources. On the other hand, there are various third-party tools, but business finds it too tedious to evaluate each tool and train their teams on how to use them.

MSPs can leverage the Centilytics platform to equip their customers with a cloud management platform that offers granular visibility along with cost monitoring, governance, automation, and security. We have an expert team to help MSPs’ team familiar with our platform and quickly get on-board.

If you are an MSP looking to step-up their service game, then book a demo to see our platform in action and how it can be valuable to your business.

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