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Why do Enterprises Need Cloud Management Platform?


The cloud ecosystem is inevitable, and the true potential of the cloud still remains unexplored.

As a few organizations (IT or non-IT) continue to traverse an accelerated path to successful cloud adoption; many have been imbibing cloud in a piecemeal fashion for their specific needs, as and when they ascend.

Following the “Cloud is the new normal” trend; we adopted cloud for multiple production workloads during its early phase of evolution and have been actively leveraging it since then.

“Cloud is a Marathon, not a Sprint”


Cloud Management Platform acts as an aid for Enterprise

Cloud is complex, vast & needs planning. The major challenge that enterprises on public cloud face during their cloud journey is cross-cloud management. And if this is not it, security concerns take the place. An initiative to raise awareness on the complexities of Cloud, and should you choose to manage it, needs a kickstart.

Organizations regardless of their age in the public cloud arena tend to neglect or are oblivious of the fact that cloud needs management and it is easier said than done. It takes a combination of 8 pillars to form a complete cloud management wheel.

This might not sound convincing until you hear it from the horse’s mouth – “According to Gartner, there are eight categories and four additional attributes that serve the evaluation criteria for Cloud Management Platforms and Tools.

Cloud Management Platform
Gartner Pillars for CMP

Any cloud-native business must assess which pillars are holding or contributing to their IT infrastructure.

It is challenging for anyone to handle the cloud adoption phase seamlessly without a Cloud Management Platform in place. Thus, the need for evaluating a CMP is the key to simplifying the procedure. – emphasizes Parthasarathy, Global Infrastructure Lead | LRN

Cloud management platforms should enable customers to manage their multi-cloud environment; be it On-Prem, Hybrid or Public Cloud or Multi-cloud, agnostic of their size, vertical or industry.

Considering the challenges faced before having a CMP in place, I would emphasize that an intelligent CMP is a key component for cloud adoption & management.

Having a self-service cloud management platform (CMP) empowers you with the abilities required to manage your cloud efficiently. Usually, cloud management practice is an industry-proven approach for effectively managing clouds; but the skill requirement varies from organization to organization.

What does the cloud market hold for the future?

Talking of abilities and required enterprise-grade solutions, automation will essentially take over most of the scheduled or a few ad-hoc workloads by its transformational storm.

As it varies from business to business, the expansion of cloud practice in a corporate is different vs service providers. In the near future as per the findings, CMPs will be the must-have gig for almost every business running in the cloud.

5 years down the line, the public cloud industry will capture most of the market share in all their service offerings; as organizations growing exponentially would want to focus on their core business objectives along with mean time to market reduction. The world is going to be highly competitive with more and more solutions turning into services. The adoption of such services will enable organizations to excel in their race and their success in Cloud management.

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