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Cloud Management Platform Explained: A Complete Solution To Embrace Cloud


Running cloud operations isn’t as simple as it sounds and it becomes more complex depending on particular use case. Organizations wants to take advantages of the cloud offerings. One need to manage cloud operations and resources provisioned to carry out the operations in order to embrace cloud. A decade ago when cloud technology was introduced nobody has the answer for how to manage cloud. But afterthe constant innovation now it is possible, thanks to Cloud Management Platform (CMP) solutions.

What is a Cloud Management Platform?

A cloud management platform is a suite of tools designed to manage cloud computing resources in cloud environments such as public, private or hybrid. Enterprises can use a cloud management platformto optimize its resources and service usage to keep cloud costs down.

What does a cloud management platform do?

A cloud management platform allows users to manage their cloud resources through a SaaS based platform which consists of an orchestration suite that enables user with the abilities to automate cloud management tasks. Cloud Management Platforms can provide complete visibility into cloud environments including both public or
private cloud. Along with this, Cloud Management Platforms also discovers whether the cloud resources are used efficiently or not. Cloud Management Platform enables users with monitoring, analysisand recommendations capabilities to use cloud with the best of their abilities.

Ways in which Cloud Management Platforms can fuel the adoption cloud

The users acknowledge the fact that cloud is complex. The complexities in managing ever-increasing cloud bills, unable to understand which service or resource to use often limits the adoption of cloud. But Cloud Management Platforms can actually fuel the adoption of cloud by simplifying the complexities. Let’s see how:

1. Enabling Self-service Management

Cloud Management Platform supports self-service cloud resource management. So, enterprises can provision resources for their cloud environment themselves instead of using a set amount of resources. With Cloud Management Platforms one can determine whether they are using the optimal amount of resources as per their business needs.This also eliminates the guess work to request amount of resource from the cloud provider.

2. Tackling Cloud Cost Management

Cost is by far the biggest concern why organizations are so desperate to manage their cloud resources. Most of the time the resources that you are not using drains the company’s finances. So, it becomes critical to manage the cloud cost sprawl. Cloud Management Platforms can provide monitoring of the resources in order to track which resource is adding what cost and help you eliminate unnecessary costs.

3. Automating the “Repeated Tasks”

Organizations thrive on the efficiency in their operations and constantly strategize to do achieve more efficiency. After migrating to cloud, most of the arduous tasks tends to reduce the efficiency. Cloud management platforms can help organizations to automate the repeated tasks via various management policies.

4. Simplifying Governance

In the complex infrastructure, it becomes difficult to closely monitor every approval and administrative task. So, there should be a policy management in place to enable governance from top to bottom level. Cloud Management Platforms helps embrace a governance system with environment-wide policies and required compliances. It gives user a complete control over their assets and authorized access.

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