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Cloud Management Is Slowly Becoming Key Focus For Manufacturing Businesses


If you’re still pondering the question about whether or not to move your manufacturing business and operational systems to the cloud, you could be left behind. Just like the question of getting a smartphone or a flip phone is outdated.

Why? Because manufacturing has changed.

Customer demands are shifting constantly. That means shorter product cycles and time to market schedules. Not only do you need to be efficient and ensure the highest quality but you also need to be fast and responsive.

On-premise and even hosted (private cloud) platforms cannot keep up with the ever-increasing complexity and demands of modern manufacturing. Your employees and supply chain participants (customers and suppliers) need timely and controlled access to your business and operations data for more informed decision making—anywhere, from any device. True cloud platforms give you that connectivity.

Often, your IT team ends up spending most of their time ensuring that all users are on the correct version just to be able to use the functionality. As a result, your operations teams don’t have the visibility or control needed to turn on a dime. And your business teams can’t get insight to measure performance or act on changing demand. True cloud platforms are always current—there are no version control issues—so you can focus on optimizing your business instead of on IT maintenance.

Operating with a single source of truth, which is an inherent benefit of cloud systems, eliminates disparate tools and data silos so the entire business knows what happening at any given time. No more manual input or delayed syncing up of data needed. If you need to know whether products are within quality or customer specifications, you simply login and find out in the “manufacturing moment.” And you reduce the number of errors, bottlenecks, and mundane tasks in streamlining processes and workflows.

Investing in a cloud platform is not simply a technology decision—it’s a business strategy—one that gives you the agility, speed, and insight you need. With cloud manufacturing, you’re able to quickly and easily turn on new facilities and support market fluctuations because the onus is on the cloud provider to manage scalability.

The key focus apart from adopting cloud is to manage it from the start to avoid cloud challenges. Cloud management platforms can help businesses to effectively manage cloud.

Centilytics is an intelligent cloud management platform that helps you manage, optimize, govern, secure, and automate you cloud infrastructure. No matter the industry, if you are using Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform, Centilytics is your go-to platform for cloud management.

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