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Cloud Automation Can Give MSPs A Competitive Advantage


Cloud landscape is changing quickly. Architecture best practices and designs change almost daily, and organizations and service providers must keep up with the rapid pace of change. As a service provider aiming to provide unrivaled services to your customers, you’re expected to have the best and the brightest answers. But how can you maintain and deliver services with rigorous standards within such a swiftly changing industry? You can’t just throw loads of money and resources at the problem, so what you can do? The answer is automation.

Digitally driven businesses across a diverse array of fields face the twinned challenges of ever-increasing costs and competition. CXOs are turning to automated processes to help resolve these challenges. MSPs delivering cloud services requires automation solutions now more than ever. Why? MSPs have to be everywhere at once from monitoring customer’s cloud services, managing infrastructure to securing companies from cyberattacks. So, MSPs can automate routine tasks allowing their teams to take a more strategic and proactive approach against the potential issues.

For MSPs, the competition is getting tight. With SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS revolutions, an increasing number of companies are becoming comfortable turning to third parties to help them manage critical parts of their business needs. Here are a few reasons that justify that investing in automation throughout tech stack, MSPs can do more with less while keeping customers’ cloud operations safe, secure, and productive:

1. Boost team’s productivity to the next level

We have seen drastic changes in cloud technology over the past few years but still, there is a little change in the routine tasks of the teams working on cloud. Individuals’ time is wasted over simple tasks that are important for daily operations but do not require close personal attention.

MSPs who haven’t invested in automation likely have employees spending valuable time on redundant tasks. Instead of handling every tedious task on their own, teams can leverage automation solutions to put efficient solutions in places such as managing requests and tickets. In short, your teams can become more productive by allowing them to handle tasks that require their attention.

2. Improve the quality of your services

Organizations turn to MSPs to safeguard and keep running their cloud infrastructure properly to help thrive their business with every technological advancement. These expectations set high standards for MSPs to deliver top-notch services.

MSPs should consider how platforms, that enable cloud automation, can help. Rather than adding employees to deliver high-quality services, automating key parts of cloud tasks can help you stay on top of your game without setting unrealistic expectations. Cloud Automation platforms, like Centilytics, can enable automation capabilities that your customer needs to handle from one centralized dashboard.

3. Get the real value that cloud technology promises

Cloud is easy to use when everything is going well but handling the customer’s cloud environment can be complex and challenging too. For MSP teams navigating public clouds on multiple customer networks, things can become overwhelming.

Leveraging automated cloud platforms, MSPs can streamline customer’s infrastructure. Automation can eliminate the need for spending countless hours on various tasks; and help you achieve flexibility and scalability, which could have been the main drivers of your cloud adoption.

4. Bring down costs for yourself and your customers

MSPs that are looking to stay competitive, offering customers the highest possible quality of service at a realistic price is a must. Keeping a check on all the moving targets is challenging for sure and handling them manually will add the enormous expense to your business. These expenses are then passed on to your customers which might lead customers to opt for another MSP which can offer services at a lower price.

Cloud automation can help MSPs to manage cloud services, without increasing overhead expenses, in a strategic way to meet customer demands while lowering costs for everyone involved.

5. Maintain a competitive product portfolio

MSPs have offered bespoke services to customers tailored to their specific needs but the MSP market is rapidly changing. Large enterprises with vast investment and resources are entering into the MSP space, looking to replace experienced and small-t—midsize MSPs.

So, for MSPs determined to capture the market and remain competitive in an increasingly crowded market, cloud automation becomes crucial. Automated tools can help MSPs, even with fewer resources, to take on high profile customers without having to compromise on the quality of their services.

Invest in the right automated cloud management platform

The reasons mentioned above, that why MSPs should leverage cloud automation tools and platforms, are just to name a few. Automating the cloud management operations brings operational efficiency to your and your customer’s business. For key decision-makers prepared to invest in an automated platform for their teams, Centilytics should be on the top of their list.

Centilytics is an automated cloud management platform that helps in managing the cloud infrastructure from a single dashboard. With Centilytics, MSPs can truly understand their customer’s cloud infrastructure and help them take strategic decisions to use cloud in an efficient way.

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