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How Centilytics is different and better than AWS and Azure native tools?


“Digital transformation” has stuck into everybody’s mind, from a bottom to a top C-level executive of the organization. It is changing how organization develop and launch new applications and products. What driving these digital transformations are the major cloud vendors such as AWS and Azure. Cloud has been a promising landscape, yet complicated, and with increasing challenges requires new toolsets that enable real-time knowledge of the state of the cloud.

There is a long list of challenges when it comes to digital transformation; but cost, security, governance, and ROI certainly are the elephants in the room. When time comes to track, measure and analyze these important metrics, there is a dire need for intelligent tools and platforms. The capabilities of tools and platforms should ensure that business and cloud strategies are tied together en route to success.

Why management and governance native tools offered by AWS and Azure are not enough?

There is no way that one cannot appreciate the efforts each of the cloud vendors put in to develop free native tools to monitor costs and security (which are just a few from the list). AWS offers Cost and Usage Report that tracks usage on an hourly or daily basis, along with tools like Cost Explorer and Trusted Advisor to help users to optimize cost, improve performance and security. Microsoft Azure offers Cloudyn, Azure Monitor and many other cloud management services.

Considering the emerging phase of cloud management marketplace, it is difficult for the vendors to reach out to each and every prospect and customer. Free tools offered by cloud providers serves as an educational material to the cloud professionals; but only in the beginning of their cloud journey.

We all know what makes cloud so agile, elastic and an ultimate boon to the organizations – “ease and speed of provisioning new computing resources.” Every day new instances are spun several times, if there is no monitoring on a frequent basis it is easy to encounter high costs. As the cloud scales, the granular visibility, effective governance and security management becomes the need of the hour for the individuals and teams in the organization. This is exactly where the cloud management platforms like Centilytics comes into the picture.

Native Tools Might Be Free But it demands Time

The free tools offered by the native cloud vendors provide just a groundwork by which users can react to data. To find the actual value delivered by the tools, it requires a continuous interaction from the moment users have started using to the moment they stop. In the data-centric world, nobody has time for this. Centilytics takes data into play to ensure that the cloud management for users is less about reactions and more about pro-active management. The data supported intelligent recommendations is what drives businesses to take strategic decisions.

AWS and Azure tools are not for multi-cloud environments

Opting the right cloud environment with the best of the breed services is becoming common, i.e., being multi-cloud. However, when organizations choose native tools to manage the resources spread across different cloud, it becomes extremely difficult. As, one tool offered by a cloud provider do not provide any recommendations for resources of another cloud provider.

So, you have two options. One – whether to get tangle in the MS Excel spreadsheets to manage complex environments. Second – make use of a cloud management platform that monitor, analyzes and provides recommendations across all your clouds.

The native tools can provide enriched insights in reference to the particular cloud resources but when it comes to multi-cloud, users will ultimately require a platform, like Centilytics, that offers in-depth reports to keep cloud users informed about different cloud environments.

How Centilytics is different and better than AWS and Azure tools?

The native tools offered by cloud vendors for management and governance do have few limitations. For example, AWS Cost Explorer makes recommendations based on CPU and disk, but it is not the most extensive list of metrics. Centilytics adds relevant information of memory and network to ensure recommendations are accurate.

Centilytics helps users to shift their mindset from reactive to pro-active management. The platform adds plethora of capabilities which native tools might not be able to deliver, such as:

• Identify and terminate orphaned resources.
• Recommendations to manage and purchase RIs.
• Identify and upgrade outdated instance types.
• Forecast the resource requirements.
• Security alerts to mitigate risks.

These are just a few features but Centilytics offers a complete catalog of features to manage your cloud effectively. To sum up, Centilytics platform offers complete information around cost, usage, security, governance, and security state that any cloud vendor might not be able to serve.

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