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5 Aspects of a Cloud Partners Program That Partners Should Never Ignore


We are living in an era of fast-paced development where various technologies are integrated to serve one use case. The end-customers are looking for plug-n-play products without worrying about how many teams are working in the background to make it function. The multi-facet technology integration has driven the need for SaaS-based platforms. For service providers like MSPs and CSPs, these SaaS-based platforms drive the recurring revenue. This becomes more crucial when it comes to cloud technology. Customers are starting to expect a more personalized experience and advanced solutions from service providers. In short, the pressure is ON.

The concept of partner programs is prevalent for many years but still not has visible advantages. Why is that? The reason is that service providers, i.e., MSPs and CSPs, overlook the critical aspect of the partner programs that they are committing to. There are three essential elements of a partner ecosystem, i.e., the vendors (who developed the product), partners (responsible for selling or distributing the product), and the end-customer. Each of these parties has their definition of success, unique to their own business goals.

Partners are experiencing a shift in the way they sustain their relationships with the customer. This shift can be turned into their favor if one is committed to the right Cloud Partner Program. If you are looking to partner with vendors to extend your product and service portfolio, we are laying out the key aspects that you should never overlook in a Cloud Partner Program:

Advanced Technical Capabilities:

Scrutinize every possible technical aspect of the vendor with which you are partnering with. It becomes easier for you to drive values to customers with advanced features. Ask your vendor whether they offer XaaS (X = anything) services to fulfill your customer’s demands.

Consumption-based pricing model:

Everybody is in the market to make money, but there is no sense in paying more even if you have enough money to spend. Always look for a consumption-based pricing model that gives you power as per your overall consumption. As you grow your consumption, it leads to more revenue, and vendors can charge more as you grow, a win-win scenario.

Integral Business Support:

When it comes to CXOs with decision-making authority, it is hard to convince them. If the product vendor provides business support with pre-defined GTM strategies, collaterals, appropriate channels to market to grown business, then it becomes easy to make a decision.

Technical Support:

Vendors are the ones who developed the product, and partners are the sellers or distributors with no expertise. Ensure that your vendor offers 24X7 technical support with quick actions on critical issues. As a partner, your relationship with end-customers relies heavily on how quickly you solve their issues.

Value-Added Services:

The time is gone, where MSPs and CSPs are just known to offer just OEM services. If you want to drive values to your customers, you need to provide them with a hook that they cannot find anywhere else. Study your vendor’s product offerings in-depth and identify value-added services that you can add to showcase expertise in your portfolio.

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